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Angels, higher spirits - messengers from the invisible spirit world, have been known by many cultures for thousands of years. Today, people around the globe are still sighting angels and reporting what they have witnessed to others, further expounding on legends of divine spirits sent by God. Let's learn more about how angel visitations take place and what to look for in an encounter.

Angel Sightings Today
Sightings of angels have been documented in recent times, too. An angel sighting can be a bit different than most might suspect. Many sightings of angels are actually mysterious visitors who show up, provide assistance of some sort, and then vanish as quickly as they appeared. Usually, the person who experiences this type of spirit intervention will not necessarily see the angel appear or disappear but will later realize that the benevolant, human-looking stranger that vanished had to be an angel. Typically, this type of angel sighting takes the person by complete surprise and occurs during a time of need.

Other angel sightings are quite dramatic, and describe a light-being of some sort who provides a word of guidance or caution. This type of angelic sighting is often described as life-changing, with the angel presence being full of love and peace. Although having an angel sighting such as this can be intimidating, often, the people who have been fortunate enough to have such an experience describe having felt calm and not frightened. Sometimes, people may have angel sightings through a vision, perhaps while dreaming or during near death experiences.

There is little doubt that a few angel sightings can be described as pareidolia, a term used to describe seeing religious icons within objects. For example, when a person sees the face of Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich, that is pareidolia. Many examples of this type of angel sighting have been reported, and typically garner media attention. Still, such angel sightings can be interesting or even relevant because they inspire so many.

But not all angel sightings are tricks of the eye, though some misunderstand what angel visitations are all about. The word "angel" means messenger, and throughout Biblical writings we can read of various account of angel sightings and visitations. Most every account found within the Bible describes angels as being human in appearance and without wings (this would exclude the descriptions of cherubim and seraphim which may not be angels but allegories in biblical writings). For example, we can read about three angels appearing to Abraham who liked like men (Genesis 18:1-3); Jacob wrestling with an angel (Genesis 32), and the two angels who visited Lot and looked like men (Genesis 19). Angels were not described as having wings until artists began painting them that way after orthodox Christianity was officially formed in 325 AD (see Angels in Early Christian Art).

Pursuant to better understand angelic interaction with humanity, we've been collecting angel sightings in pictures, stories and videos that document the angel encounters.

A Few Famous Angel Sightings
Thames Angel Picture - a presence has been witnessed hovering above the Thames River since the 1600s.
Doidge Angel Photograph - Now famous story of angel sightings that took place back in World War I. Numerous soldiers had reported seeing angels while in battle.
Lady in the Falls Photo - Reportedly an angel can be seen within Niagara Falls from time to time.
Angel Sightings Map - Google Maps captures figures in the sky from different places in Switzerland.