Near Death Experiences: NDEs

An NDE, short for Near Death Experience, most commonly occurs during an accident, tragedy or medical emergency.

Accounts of NDEs and Out of Body Experiences can be similar in details when reading what witnesses encountered. However, with NDEs, the person sometimes reports a higher power or unseen, intelligent presence that may allow him or her the choice to stay or return to the earthly body. We should also note that there typically is a consistent series of similar events that happen during many near death episodes.

Near Death Experience Observations: Similar Events

Although there are many things that may be learned during near death experiences, the most common observations shared are:

1) A reunion with deceased loved ones (family or friends) or visitation with enlightened spirits who are there to guide and possibly offer advice.

2) A tunnel of light or some type of bright light is encountered that is described as pure love, peace and joy.

3) A life review that is rapid and cleansing is undergone at some point but is never thought to be condemning like some believe "judgment" to be.

4) The choice to return to the body and earthly life in lieu of remaining in the afterworld. The near death experiencer often wants to remain in the ethereal realm but chooses to come back. Of course, those who do not return are unable to report their experience and have entered completely through death's door.

The Hell or Punishment NDE

Some, though a small percentage of people, do report a hellish near death experience, seeing fire, devilish creatures similar to religious depictions. However, we must question how much of what is witnessed during an NDE is our own creation, or at least, interpretation of the event. In other words, could someone who fears Hell due to being taught that the wicked are punished also be self-condemning prior to having the near death experience. And if so, do those beliefs create or interpret what is seen when out of body? These are just some of the questions we must consider. Interestingly, some astral travelers also report seeing dark entities and hellish-like levels of existence while misusing the out of body experience for depraved purposes. This would seem to possibly indicate that what we seek here, and on the other side of the veil, may just be what we find, whether it be a good or bad experience.