Chris' Suicide Near Death Experience

Excerpts from the book, "Life After Suicide"
by Chris King

I died taking poison. I decided to do the deed early. That was what I called it in my mind “ the deed.” I didn't expect to be returning and I certainly did not know what to expect. The first three ounces of poison killed me.

I died, and as I died I felt many strange things that are very hard to describe, most of all the sight of the true and living God. I died and felt my soul or spirit, which ever you prefer, leaving my body. As I left my body, I felt no remorse over the loss of my body. It actually felt good to me to discard something so vile to me. I looked back and felt that death is not a bad thing, but a relief from a painful life. I did not go to heaven or hell, and I did not find my soul wandering the earth. I died and found myself in the arms and hands of the One True Living God. God allowed me to see Him, touch him, and be touched; then God put me back in my body while healing what I had done to my body.

When I died, my spirit passed through my body; and my spirit passed through a bible that was lying on my chest. I lay down to die with prayers in my heart and a bible sitting on my chest, simply waiting to die. My spirit came out of my body and found God waiting to catch me. I died in faith searching for God and Jesus. I died living out our savior’s words of picking up your cross and following him even into death itself. I died in search of Jesus. When I died, I found them waiting. God did what I described here, and so much more that is indescribable. As God put me back into my body, God's hand passed through the bible that was sitting on my chest. Later, after I told my wife this story, I gave her that bible. It is as rare as God himself.

The supernatural events continue to take place in my life, and I understand things and what has happened to me less and less each day. This book or story is just a conversation with someone that has experienced a living mystery and that person, meaning myself, is trying to explain what happened as best I can, trying to explain something I do not understand to people that have never died.
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Life After Suicide by Christopher King
ISBN: 1-4257-4655-1 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 1-4257-4656-X (Hardback)
Pages: 176
Subject: SPIRITUALITY / General