War Hero Near Death Experience

When I was ten, 32 years ago, I was hit by a car. It was really a tragic thing, and I about died. I do distinctly remember being in like a dark tunnel with all these people I didn't know and seeing my grandfather who had recently died. All the people were glad to see me and were welcoming me in; but when I saw the one person I recognized (my grandfather), he started waving me back, telling me to get out of there.

And three months later, I woke up from the coma I had been in, and I'm sure this wasn't a dream I had because I think it happened in the ambulance. One of the workers there said he'd done CPR on me, too. I was that gone. I didn't know my grandfather that well, either.

War Hero Near Death ExperienceI don't tell many people this (as not to be disbelieved)...take it as you will. I'm reading a book right now about after-death communication, and felt compelled to tell someone my experience. I guess my grandpa was a war hero, had won the silver star, and purple heart, and I guess he saved his own grandson, too.