What Are Near Death Experiences?

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The term, “near death experience,” (NDE) was coined and used by Raymond Moody, MD in the book "Life After Life." During the dying process, whether it be quick or slow, people often report having various paranormal occurrences. When a near death experience happens, the person is either clinically dead or in a state where death is imminent. Many near death experiences (NDEs) have shown that “near death” is not accurate as those who have had gone through this say they experienced the complete dying process and were not just near death.

I feel it important to note that it is also possible to have spiritual experiences, such as an out-of-body experience, that are very similar to the NDE in description of what may be seen, heard, and felt. Deep grief, prayer, meditation, and sleep may bring about these "like" events.

Near death experiences (NDEs) have revealed two types of possible afterlife situations. Most are pleasurable. The person usually feels love, joy, and peace. But some people have described having frightening death scenarios. These NDEs frequently have feelings of horror, anger, guilt, shame, condemnation and isolation. Near death experiences may give us a glimpse into the heavens and hells with the stories seeming to be more real and vivid to the witnesses than what any of us know during our earthly lives.

The Dying Experiences: Good and Bad

Near death experiences that are pleasurable, usually, have four main events: first, being disassociated with the body; second, seeing the natural environment differently (being able to see more vivid or clear; seeing through walls, etc.); third, experiencing the supernatural as the near death experience moves beyond this natural world and into realms unseen, usually beginning with a tunnel of light; and last, a life review is typically experienced where one sees their entire earth life in fast forward.

NDEs that are unpleasurable, usually, make the person feel worthless and powerless, being left within a "nothingness," and perhaps, even tormented. Some may describe one of these feelings are a combination of them; but in all cases this type of NDE can best be described as a "personal hell." People have reported ugly or frightening landscapes, people in torment, and hideous creatures in the worst of cases.

Thoughts to Consider About the Near Death Experience

The Angels & Ghosts NDE section seeks to provide proof of life after death. To prove life after death, these NDE stories allow for possible evidence of the existence of the living, spirits, after death of the body. In other words, an open mind is required to be able to consider that which is presented.

When considering these stories, we wonder if the lives we live are carried out in the NDE. In other words, do loving people experience positive NDEs? Do people with evil behavior experience a self-created torture upon death? Things for all of us to consider...

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