Near Death Experiences: Reflection

Near Death Experiences, also known as NDEs, is the term used to describe what happens to a person after their body temporarily dies. Of course, the person is then later revived, often living with a story to tell. But not all near death situations create an experience that is remembered. Sometimes, the person simply wakes up out of darkness, unable to recall experiencing anything during their moments of trauma. Often, they awake to learn they had been revived by doctors.

Many near death experiences do yield detailed accounts of either an enlightening encounter, or a dark, frightening vision. What can we learn from NDEs? We feel that many of them reveal to us that life is a complicated puzzle, that perhaps we need to realize there is more than what our eyes may see. The power of the mind coupled with the energy of life is incredible. We just may find that our inner ideas and thoughts could be realized on the other side.

NDEs: What's Within Us?

Think about this: Near Death Experiences may reveal what is going on within us. Perhaps, our inner condition is reflected in what we experience while adjusting to the next plane after death. If our thinking has been in error, with respect to how we perceive ourselves and others, then just maybe we will need to change our mind. This makes us wonder if death immediately starts to work "undoing" the baggage that we shouldn't take with us in the great beyond.

NDEs: Cleansing Process Revealed?

Could this physical environment cause us to make mistakes in judgment, especially toward ourselves and others?  Do we need to be cleansed from many of our beliefs? Think about the condemnation, guilt, anguish and mental suffering, of various sorts, that we inherited during life experiences as we grew from newborn babes to teens, and then for some, adulthood. If life goes on beyond the grave, wouldn't it be great if we one day found that we no longer have to suffer? And for those who do not allow the baggage to be removed right away, could they remain bound to the earth as ghosts until the time when they brave the light, loved ones and life review?