Spirituality: Writings & Thoughts

Read our collection of spiritual writings that shed interesting light on the truth of who we are as it relates to the spirit world. Explore spirituality and the idea that there is something greater beyond the world we know.

Expect to contemplate spiritual thoughts (contrary to fear) that speak against dogma, pointing out the flaws in fearful thinking that can paralyze people. It is our hope that the truth of who you are, spiritually, will become more apparent. It is our experience, especially in Western throught and culture, that some beliefs can blind us from seeing truth that is right in our midst.

Life is a journey. Why not enjoy it?

What is Spirituality?
Spirituality is living one's life in realization that the body is not who we really are. The world most of us perceive as real is mostly illusion, the truth being unseen: spirit. Being aware of spirit is spirituality. Spiritual is being aware of one's connectedness with everything - that there is no separation or death. Spiritual writings point to the truth within you.
Spirituality is understanding the truth of who we are and our oneness with each other - "God." Spirituality is recognizing and living this connectedness, realizing we are not powerless to change the world. Explore these authors spiritual writings and open up your mind, spiritually, to the impossible being possible!

What Are Spiritual Writings?
Spiritual Writings help us to see life from a different perspective. Spirituality is about looking within one's own self, and listening to the inner voice, the connection to all. In contrast, religion will point a person to look externally and away from their source. Our source is energy, or spirit; so when someone does not listen to their own inner voice, they in effect mentally "disconnect" from the life-directing voice of the Spirit.
Spiritual writings will reveal truths that have been received by hearkening to the Divine source, what many call God. As human beings, we need to understand who we are, our connection to everything, and what is taking place as a whole.
Although we have included some spiritual writings from others, most of the titles and pages were written by author, Louis Charles. His journey has taken place over three decades in search of higher answers. Having been deeply involved within Christianity at one time, many of his writings concern his exodus from the same, as well as his thoughts concerning spirits, ghosts and the spirit realm.
This website has been devoted to sharing thoughts and ideas primarily concerning angels and ghosts. In the field of paranormal investigation, we have found that many lack spiritual insight, and it has been our hope to bring better understanding to the world of spiritual entities, rather than the usual spooky, fearful, false fables that have been created by religion and cultural beliefs. We feel that spiritual truth can bring harmony to all areas of the unknown as long as one is willing to first vanquish preconceived ideas concerning the spirit world. Hopefully, these spiritual thoughts, as well as those to come, will be a tool in doing so. Enjoy the spiritual writings we have collected for your personal spiritual growth and enlightenment. May your spiritual journey be one full of wisdom.
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We say, "Yow!," because this is a tough subject. Louis Charles published his first book devoted to helping people find freedom from the fears created by Christianity. Fears such as eternal damnation (Hell), demons, sin, and the idea of an angry god are dealt with in-depth. These topics are greatly needed to gain a strong, spiritual foundation from which to build, especially with understanding ghosts, spirits and the spirit world.
Louis, publisher of Angels & Ghosts, seeks to enlighten others with his spiritual writings. 

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