How to Find 'YOU' Meditation

A simple way, a meditation, to find the real YOU behind all the noise of your thoughts and feelings...

Recognizing You Are NOT Your Thoughts

Did you ever have so much noise in your head that you couldn't even think? Are thoughts invading your space, pushing the real you out of the way? Do you believe your thoughts and feelings are really you?

If you struggle with thoughts, and most people do, then you must be wanting to find a way to quiet or silence the mind. Meditation is a way to do that. And to quiet the thoughts may seem difficult, but the busy mind can be easy to turn it off.

How to Find YOU MeditationYou really do not need to do anything other than to be aware of the thoughts. Let's begin.

  • First, recognize that you are not the thoughts in your head nor are you the emotions you feel.
  • Second, realize that you can 'stand behind' the thoughts, noticing them come and go. Observe but do not choose to follow them.

Focusing on You and Observing Thought

As you become aware of the thoughts you might wonder "Who is aware?" YOU are aware. The real you is aware. This idea can be life-changing.

Most of us choose to believe that the thoughts, feelings, our achievements, things of the past or goals for our future are who we are - we find our identity in them. But this is not truly who you are.

Meditating to Find the REAL YOU

  1. Close your eyes and visualize your hand. Can you feel it without seeing it? What about your arm? What about your entire body? Can you feel the life that is you?
  2. Focus on that life (YOU), open your eyes and look around; but do not think. Do not label what you see. Just observe while being aware of YOU.
  3. If thoughts come and go, ignore them and do not give chase. Focus on YOU while observing. The silent observer is the real YOU.

Now That You Found It, Stay There

This is your place of peace. It is being in the moment - only participating in NOW. You are not doing anything, just observing.

You may find that you can easily return to this place of freedom, or you may find it difficult. That's OK. It's a beginning. So practice.

If you can, do it regularly. Practice finding yourself beyond thoughts and thinking.

(Thank you Eckhart Tolle - much of this writing stems from his teachings.)