Soul Regression: Answers from Past and Between Lives

Finding Answers to Life's Questions

We recently caught up with Rob Schwartz, noted speaker about pre-birth planning and author of the books Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born and Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, to find out more about what is known as “soul regression.” If you want to know how you can reach back to speak to the dead and especially enlightened spirits, you will find Rob's work to be fascinating.

Imagine that you've lived before but would like to know more about what happened. That is the crux behind the idea of soul regression: finding answers from your past.

What is Soul Regression?
A regression is typically done through use of hypnosis, we learned, allowing a person to be taken back to either their past lives or the time between lives. Hence, the two types of soul regressions are known as Past Life Soul Regression and Between Lives Soul Regression. When a person is led back to explore forgotten memories of a past life or what happened between lives, it is said that a wonderful healing can take place that is not only emotionally but physically freeing. A greater understanding of what was experienced prior brings about a spiritual wholeness to the soul, or heart, of a person today. Through this process, it is said that a deeper understanding of self is gained.

Speaking with Spirits During the Soul Regression
Rob shared that during a between lives soul regression, spirit guides and elder spirits, elevated spiritual beings who have your best interest at heart, can be reached and communicated with to ask deeper questions about one's life. These wise spirits know everything about us. Through two-way conversation with them, people can have the opportunity to ask questions about anything deemed important, including the plan for our lives, our purpose, emotional struggles and how we can heal from different issues we may be currently experiencing. Some have reported speaking with family or friends who have passed on, conversing with angels and communing with kindred souls or enlightened spirits.

Rob mentioned that one client of his actually channeled the Archangel Michael, who spoke in detail about her life plan, relationships, and challenges - why things happened as they did and how she could heal. Another person's experience was equally dynamic. She was able to speak at length with Jesus, who personally addressed all her questions with specific answers about her life.

Meeting holy figures or angels are phenomenal experiences one might have during a between lives soul regression, but Rob was able to think of another client who had an equally magnificent healing through meeting up with the dead.

Her husband had died years earlier, and her son had recently committed suicide when she decided to have the regression. During her session, she saw and spoke at length with both of them. As you might imagine, it was deeply healing for her to know that they are both well – an incredible account of how she was able to heal from her grief. She said she could actually feel how much they love her, and this too was very healing for her. Rob noted that about half of his clients who go into trance for soul regression are able to speak with at least one deceased loved one!

Soul Regression, Past Lives and Healing
A past life soul regression is said to be fantastic, as well, bringing about tremendous healing through realization of the connection between the different lives that we have lived. Sometimes, past life traumas can be subconsciously carried with us bringing forth suffering in the present until healed. Going back in time to the trauma, sometimes, is all that is needed to bring about change in the here and now. Also, Rob has found that our past lives may have a direct influence on our current life experiences. Connecting the dots between the past and the present bring forth insights and answers for many. During past life regressions, it is also very common to have conversations with either spirit guides and loved ones who we might think are no longer with us.

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