Spirit Signs: Signs From Spirit?

Can Spirits Make Contact Through Signs?

On February 20th, 2003, The Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island, became the site of one of the nation's most deadliest nightclub fires, killing 100 people. One of its youngest victims, Nicholas O'Neill, would soon prove to his family and others that his life did not end that tragic day. Nick began communicating by providing signs to his parents, Dave and Joanne.

Dave Kane learned that his son, Nick O'Neill, would not be easily forgotten, his voice could not be silenced.

“Nick was an actor, a musician, a singer, a comedian, a composer, and a prolific writer. When he was just sixteen, Nick wrote a one-act play he called They Walk Among Us. This play is about teenagers who die and return as guardian angels."

“Since Nick's passing, his family and friends have experienced a myriad of unexplained signs and events, most of these connected with the number 41. These occurrences have not only helped comfort us, but have gone a long way to assure us that our loved ones never really die. They are still here, around us and with us at every moment of every day.”

Spirit Messages
The communications from Nick began right away. The morning after the fire, psychic-medium Cindy Gilman, a friend of Dave's, called him to see if she could appear on his local radio show. She was motivated by the recent vision of a burnt, young man pleading with her to call his father. Unaware that Dave had lost Nick the night before, Cindy desired to reassure the grieving community about their loved ones who had died in the nightclub fire. She then realized, it was Nick who had made contact with her.

The signs came to Dave and his family many different ways. Most interestingly, the number 41 had been Nick's number, something he would consistently use to let others know he was with them. His fascination with 41 began when he was young. He noticed it everywhere around him and would often let his parents know. No one could figure out its significance.

“For the longest time, we tried to figure out what this '41' thing was all about... Now you might think that after Nick passed we would have forgotten about it. But in the days, weeks and months to follow, that ubiquitous number 41 seemed to take on a life of its own. At first, we looked at these 'sightings' and appearances as coincidences. Then we began to realize that there was much more to this...”

In 41 Signs of Hope, Dave takes the time to detail the significance and sightings of the number 41. However, there were other ways Nick made his presence known. For example, Dave tells the story of how another psychic-medium, Robert Brown, received an amazing message that confirmed for the family that Nick was alright. Toward the end of an amazingly accurate, 45 minute reading with the famed psychic, Dave and Joanne received definitive proof of life after death.

“He wants me to tell you one more thing. He wants me to say, 'The show must go on.'”

The words that came forth from Robert Brown dumbfounded the couple. These were the last words Nick O'Neill had said to Dave before leaving to go to The Station nightclub.

Spirit Signs: The Movie 41Today, Dave Kane and family continue to be inspired by the signs from spirit that Nick brings to them. They also know that Nick O'Neill continues to help other spirits reunite with their families.

"41" is an award-winning documentary about the inspiring life of Nick O'Neill. In the book, 41 Signs of Hope, Dave Kane shares numerous stories of signs from spirit.

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