Who Is Jesus?

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We have quite a collection of writings that explore Jesus and what his real message may have meant, viewed from an enlightening, more spiritual perspective.

Warning: We do not subscribe to promoting a condemning, angry god; so if the ideas of 'no hell' and 'all people will be saved' intrigue you, explore and learn a more peaceful and sensible understanding of the words credited to Jesus.

Christianity: Christian Fear

Christianity & Christian Fear

Want to shake up your church? Simply attack the fear that the religious system promotes to gather and keep...

Who Is Jesus and Should We Worship Him?

Many today worship the man "Jesus" as God. So, let's take a closer look at this belief that a man was God in the flesh.

Even though many on Sunday worship a man who they believe to be God, we struggle to believe that was Jesus actual message or intention. Here's why: Jesus always pointed to his "heavenly Father" as the supreme being and accepted himself as being a "son of God." The Bible also makes it clear that we, too, are sons (or daughters) of God. This would lead one to believe that worshipping a man as God is a senseless act, not ever his intent, and a product of today's Jesus Religion. We say senseless not to be inflaming but because if Jesus had intended to be bowed down to and worshipped, he would have plainly stated, "Worship me, for I am God." It would make much more sense, given what we read in the Bible, that the idea of worshipping Jesus is simply a distortion of the man's teachings into an organized religion.

Let's take this thought one step further: If an organized, man-made religion was what Jesus had intended to create, then he would have himself established church buildings and the worship of himself as creator. No, men who were with him and who came after him both are guilty of creating a false religious system that is quite powerless and leads to nowhere. This system appears good and true, having taken thousands of years to build upon, but is dead in some respects, powerless to those who can see the depth of its deception. We would aver that much of Christianity, today, is primarily based upon the fear of a false eternal hell and doctrines (teachings) that do not hold water when fully examined. This is what is disturbing: The man we call Jesus had a fantastic message, but can you find it, today, from what has been passed down to mankind over the past 2000 years?

Religious System Often Equates to Control

What is ironic is that the same religious system of control that attacked Jesus and nailed him to a cross because of the threat he posed to that system 2000 plus years ago, has been rebirthed, of sorts, by those who profess to follow and speak for Jesus. Many Christian leaders, especially fundamentalist types, say they teach "God's word" but sadly often create fear, guilt and condemnation to gain followers and call it Jesus' message. This should be troubling to us because Jesus' message was contrary to this idea. He taught people not to fear but to believe (have faith).

Jesus' message, we assert, could not be further from false messages of fear. Take heart and think about that next time you listen to a scary sermon. Jesus, we read, had followers flock to him to hear his words and all without beating them up in God's name (now, that is what we call a real threat to organized religion). Jesus never attacked followers in the Bible passages - never; he did attack religion, its leaders and teachers who peddled false, frightening doctrines.

Also of note, Jesus always pointed to "the kingdom" being at hand now and within humanity, refuting the idea that his kingdom was coming someday in the future as an external, physical place. The kingdom he spoke of was not outside of mankind. It is within each and everyone. What does that mean? Within you, me and each person is something greater than we might be aware of, and it binds us all together and gives us existence. It is this kingdom, a greater, divine consciousness, that is within everyone and every thing.

Furthermore, we cannot find in the Bible where Jesus taught a condemning message that relied upon the fearful idea of afterworld punishment: an eternal hell. He instead proclaimed that, "all of us will be salted with fire" but "the gates of hell shall not prevail!" Think about this: If the gates of hell come down for the righteous, they also must come down for the unrighteous; for the same gates imprison all mankind, the gates of fear, condemnation, guilt and wrong erroneous beliefs.

Maybe it is time for us to re-examine our beliefs and search for Jesus' true message. Perhaps we should first search for truth, and then, maybe, we will know his real message.