Jesus Religion

Thoughts from the Book, Jesus Religion: A Critical Examination of Christian Insanity...

Buy the Jesus Religion Book!The Truth: A Religion Was Created in the Name 'Jesus.'

In the book Jesus Religion by author Louis Charles, you'll learn how Christianity's doctrines many believe today are actually evolved over hundreds years after Christ - they were not the original message of Jesus.

The purpose of the book entitled, Jesus Religion is to help those who are bound by fear, produced from traditional Christian religion teachings, find freedom and peace through learning that God is Spirit.

Life is a spiritual journey of coming to know Spirit and ourselves - the truth. For all of us, it is a journey that may take different paths, but ultimately will lead to only one destination - the truth within you.

Was a "Jesus Religion" created in the name Jesus? Author Louis Charles thinks so.

What Was Jesus' True Message?

The real Jesus, Yeshua, spoke against traditional religion and promoted spirituality. He worked to heal people's fears of being separated from God. He spoke the message of the Kingdom being at hand and within each and every person. Yeshua taught people to love and never promoted fearful ideas, such as suffering in an eternal Hell.

Is Something Amiss Within Most Sects of Christianity?

If you know within your heart that something is just not right with the typical Christian religion message, then you will be surprised when you discover how Christianity, church doctrines and the Bible came to be.

In the book, Jesus Religion, author Louis Charles examines historical facts, as well as church doctrines that are illogical when considered in-depth. Louis once suffered from the idea of eternal punishment from the hands of an angry God. His book is a work designed to free others from emotional turmoil, while providing spiritual insights that will change people's lives! The true message of Jesus was one of love, not fear.

Spiritual Truth Shouldn't Produce Fear, Condemnation or Guilt.

What if Christianity is wrong, and there never was such a thing as "original sin?" Could all people be inherently good, even the seemingly unlovable? What if all of us are already eternal spirits, having always been connected to God? And, what if no one suffered judgment from God? Wouldn't such a truth be much more freeing? Could all of this be found within the Bible?

In his book, Jesus Religion, Louis Charles conveys how most of the Christian principles we are taught today were founded upon legalistic ideas that were in direct opposition to the teaching of the man we know as Jesus. The real Kingdom Message of Yeshua is timeless and awaiting your discovery...