Who IS Jesus?

Many worship the man we call "Jesus" as God. But, I do not feel that was ever his intent or his message. To think that to be so diminishes the greater truths hidden within his words.

Who IS Jesus?Jesus' original name was likely something more like "Yeshua," and from the writings about him, he seemed more content with being referred to as "son of God."

All of us are sons and daughters of God. Even the Bible tells us that Jesus was the "firstborn of many brethren."

Believing one man to be God is a doctrine that I brand the "Jesus Religion." Men always seem to do that after a wise teacher arises amongst us every once in a while. The truths laid down become buried under the weight of religious ideas. And, it was no different with Christianity. By way of distorted teachings, men who came after Yeshua created a religion in the name "Jesus."

If an organized, man-made religion was what Yeshua had intended to create, then wouldn't he have sought to establish church buildings and the worship of himself as his core tenets while still alive? That is something to think about.

The True Jesus Was Hidden by Men

It took about three hundred years of men with orthodox, legalistic ideas to create a religious system of fear that has been rendered almost spiritually powerless.

Today, this religious system might appear as the truth but is dying and obvious in its intent to point people to external devices for answers. A cross, church building, pulpit, choir, book, programs, etc. - all external things that look the part of being divine. Yet, what is lost in all this "churchiness" is that people need to look within. It is within us that our eternal connection with God can be found.

Christianity's strength is based primarily upon the fear of eternal punishment and twisted teachings that were formulated upon the story of Jesus. The meaning of his words are veiled by the stories we hear and the misinterpretation of his words.

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Traditional Christian beliefs do not make sense when closely examined, and they can never bring one true peace. They are founded upon fear. Peace is never found within anything rooted in fear. How can people not recognize this?

It is ironic is that Christianity now resembles the legalistic religion that attacked Yeshua and nailed him to a cross simply because of the threat he posed to it.

Many Christian messages similarly condemn and divide people - but now it is in the name of Jesus. It feels threatened whenever anyone challenges its ideals.

A religion that attacks and divides is not even close to resembling the message shared by Yeshua.

Even so, Christianity still became the religion supposedly based upon his teachings, being created after his death and still using his name to this day.

Jesus Was His Message

Many Christian leaders say they teach 'God's word' but promote fear, guilt and condemnation in order to gain converts and call it Jesus' message. Yeshua's true words had power, evidenced by followers flocking to him to hear him speak. And he did this without beating them up in the name of God. He did not have a message of fear but love.

Yeshua never attacked the common people. He did, however, attack religion and the teachings of its leaders who sought to cause people to believe they were inherently bad and separated from God. So, why does Christianity teach that people are separated from God? Is that the same thing Jesus did? Not at all - just the opposite.

Maybe, it is time for us to re-examine our beliefs and search for Yeshua's true message. If we find the truth within us, perhaps we'll know the timeless ideas of Yeshua. - Louis Charles

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