Louis Charles: It's a 'Jesus Religion'

The Story of Author Louis Charles and His Experience with What He Calls the 'Jesus Religion.'

Louis Charles and the Jesus ReligionI have been searching for over thirty years. My only desire has been to know God, truth, and equally important, who I am. In 1986, I began pouring through scriptures trying to make sense of it all. Soon, six years had passed and I found myself a teacher, elder and at times a minister of healing at a local Christian church. I saw and experienced amazing things, such as people healed of sickness; spiritual gifts and foreknowledge displayed openly; and powerful manifestations of God's Spirit upon people physically and mentally. However, after several more years I knew inside me it was time to leave the Christian church, and no one could understand why. At the time, even I did not know why. Today, many former church "friends" still do not understand why. Through eyes of judgment, they choose to see me and my family as being "lost."

I Became Religious to Unlearn Religion

Now, it is easy for me to look back and see why I was to move on in my spiritual journey. I had become a very, religious person. Religion can be defined as the false, man-made idea of who or what God must be. Often, such a religion injects fear into followers for purposes of controlling them. Consequently, the truth is not often found within the walls of religion.

I thought I knew God, because I knew Bible scriptures. Did I really know truth or did I simply learn too well the beliefs others had taught me? Was I willing to let go of all doctrines and be willing for God...Spirit to show me the truth of who God is and who I am? Did I really understand the scriptures and the meanings behind the sayings Jesus spoke? Would I lay scriptures down and trust this same God to teach me, by the voice of Spirit alone?

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It is safe to say that I have a very good perspective from which to write. As a former teacher and elder, I understand various Christian teachings of the scriptures quite well. For years, I taught the very doctrines many believe and hold true to today. I had believed I could prove to you these ideas were true based upon lining up one verse of scripture with another verse.

Even though I was a very good lawyer, making my argument with a book of law known as the Bible, it did not mean I was correct in understanding or knowing truth. When I began hearing for myself the truth that was already within me, it challenged the very doctrines I had defended whole-heartedly.

It has taken many years for these fearful ideas to be undone in me, and still today I seek to know the answers...the truth. Jesus (Yeshua) knew the truth and we can, too.

Jesus Religion Book

The Jesus Religion book and website seek to share some of my thoughts and ideas to help others open up to considering that perhaps they too had the wool pulled over their eyes by much of Christianity. Today, I have found peace...more peace than I ever thought I knew as a former Fundamentalist Christian trapped within doctrines, having succumbed to the fears of others. I challenge you the seeker to reconsider what you know. Ask yourself the tough questions and be not afraid of the answers you might receive. The litmus test for your journey is simple: identify the areas where fear is present in your life and face them. Begin searching for the truth already deep within you. The man we know as Jesus, had a freeing, spiritual message and it is timeless. - Louis Charles

About the Writing and Author

This article was an excerpt from some of the writings by author Louis Charles. Louis once wrote quite a bit about various subjects concerning Christianity's "Jesus Religion."

Many of these writings date back to the late 1990s when Louis was working his way out of fearful, Fundamentalist Christian doctrines. Like the Jesus Religion book, there may be a tinge of anger due to his hurtful past. It took over 10 years for him to be healed from his religious experiences.

Fundamentalists turn the Bible into a law that people must follow in order to know God. They teach that the Bible contains God's perfect word. Louis does not subscribe to these ideas that are used to bring condemnation upon people for the purpose of control through fear.

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