Press Release: Jesus Religion

New Book Attacks the Core Tenets of the Jesus Religion

Author suggests struggles within Christianity could be due to fearful, age-old doctrines.

Press Release: Jesus ReligionAkron, Ohio July 8, 2009 - According to a recent article by Donald James Parker of the Sioux Falls Christian Examiner, the evidence that the power of Christianity is waning in America is not hard to find. Author Louis Charles might agree and offers his insight as to what may be occurring within the once hallowed halls of Christianity.

In his newly published book entitled, Jesus Religion, Louis has this thought printed right on the cover: "I know there are others out in the world like me, who know something is wrong with Christianity's claims. Some may still be sitting in the back of a church service somewhere on Sundays, while others have possibly left Christianity altogether."

Inside the book, Louis offers his story about being evangelized by a Baptist preacher and how fearing an angry God, who condemns some people to Hell, haunted him. He goes on to share that fear is promoted within much of Christianity, bringing more emotional harm than good to humanity.

By exploring the origin of Christianity, as well as the Bible, it is Louis Charles' opinion that many core Christian doctrines can be exposed as error-ridden historically, logically and even spiritually.

Could this be why some church denominations are scrambling to change with the times?

According to Louis Charles, there is a shift taking place within the Western church. It is a shift from dead, religious ideas toward spirituality. Church attendance is dropping, and there is a reason for this.

Deep down, people know something is not quite right. For years, he had this same feeling. When he finally gave himself permission to explore those inner feelings without feeling condemned, Louis discovered it was fear that nagged him deep down. Once he became aware of the issue, it was simply a matter of asking a simple question: Is the fear within us from God or is it created by incorrect beliefs?

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