What is the definition of an 'ex-Christian'? Did you leave the church because you know something was wrong?

What is ex-Christian?Some, who call themselves ex-Christian, still suffer from the teachings of fear promoted through Christianity. Others still claim to be Christian even thoughthey no longer attend church - they know, deep down, there is something wrong with the Christian message. It is lacking. Really, they are "ex-Christian," too. They just don't know it.

I wrote this on the back cover of the book Jesus Religion:

“I know there are others in the world, like me, who know something is wrong with Christianity's claims. Some may still be sitting in the back of a church service somewhere on Sundays while others have possibly left Christianity altogether.”

This was my call out to ex-Christians and those who are considering leaving Christianity. I want them to know they are not alone, and there are answers to be found to their questions.

What IS a Christian, Really?

I define “Christian” as one who is trapped within the fearful doctrines put forth by Christianity - a religion founded after the man, Jesus, died.

Ideas, such as original sin, an angry God, eternal punishment, demons, etc, are hurtful and do not bring deep peace to anyone. Yet, so many choose to believe these ideas. And, they suffer.

Why do many of us still associate with organizations that promote fear? As an ex-Christian, I struggled with that, too. I struggled until I found I was poor if I believed their fearful doctrines, but already rich inside, deep down.

My mind that had succumbed to fear had covered over the life that was already at work inside me. As soon as I left fear behind, I was able to see it and experience true peace and connectedness with God. 

I was free.

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There Had to Be More to Jesus' Message

Still, I would like to suggest to ex-Christians that the man many call “Jesus” surely had something relevant and inspirational to say. His sayings were passed down by oral tradition, and we read of how people flocked to hear him speak. Is it possible his true message has been lost for a season, due to a religion (Christianity) being created about him but not by him? If so, what is his message and can we find a deeper revelation of Jesus that promoted spirituality, truth, love and peace?

As an ex-Christian I want to let the reader know that I am indeed a fan of Yeshua, the man many know as “Jesus.” I have found that his “Kingdom Message” has been unwittingly preserved today within the Bible but simply misunderstood, or even purposely misinterpreted, at times, to say something different. Yeshua did not create the religion known as Christianity, otherwise he would have given instructions that matched what we see as the components within the religion. What the church looks like today was built upon epistles from Paul and other early Christian writers and the men who came after them. That is how you create a religion.In other words, the original message of Yeshua is not being taught or modeled within most Christian denominations or sects.

Questions and Answers for the Ex-Christian

The following are some simple answers to some basic questions for ex-Christians: 

  • Can you be an ex-Christian and find spirituality? Yes.
  • Can one be an ex-Christian, but be enlightened by the teachings of Yeshua? Yes.
  • Can an ex-Christian find peace and truth? Yes.
  • Can an ex-Christian be a follower of Jesus (Yeshua)? Yes.
  • Will an ex-Christian go to Hell? No.
  • Are ex-Christians outside of God? No.
  • Does God love the ex-Christian? Yes.

Ex-Christian, kudos to you for knowing something was wrong and for having the courage to leave a false religion. You are on the path you need to be on, to see what it is you need to see. May you know the truth within you. - Louis Charles

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