Communicating with Spirits

We asked author Dawn Marie to share her stories about communicating with spirits!

My book is called Knowing Is Beyond Belief: A Natural Clairaudience. That is what I live by: a knowing is beyond a belief. The clairaudience (the ability to hear spirits) I experience is very strong, a natural clairaudience. The spirits tell me it's automatic with me, natural.

My experiences with spirit started some 5-6 years ago. There was a lot of activity in my home which was focused on me. These were far ranging types of experiences, which in hindsight, I believe were done to 'find' my abilities. It tested my different senses and gauged my reactions. There was also the occasional mischievous experience played upon me, too.

I had a variety of different levels of spirit around me in the early days, one of which was of bad intent. He was somewhat conditioned to this behavior. My reaction surprised him, and he was shocked that I did not react as most people (human beings) had with him. At that stage of my life, I had not tried to find or develop an ability in myself. We would communicate using my emf meter, which I bought after a paranormal team investigated my home. He would trigger it for 'yes' and stay silent for 'no.' When he felt strongly about something I said, he would send the meter reading off the scale and it would stay there.

Spirit Communication
I talked to him for several weeks and knew he had harmed people in his life. He felt his family never cared for him, knew he was ill but never came to see him. He also claimed not to have had a funeral which greatly aggrieved him. So I counselled him. I showed compassion for how he felt and tried to help him see that it's never too late. This affected him greatly I later was told, and he then wanted other people in spirit to know about me. He felt excited by the change that he felt inside himself.

A lot of spirit people were in my home. For the next two years, I had one experience after the other mostly on a daily basis, and they never repeated, one time for each. Then, I decided to try to hear clairaudiently. The spirits had made it clear that I was already doing it without realizing that I could. The first time, it was very clear. I had support in this, and I felt someone putting something into my ears (which I mention in my book). It only took a couple of times before I was hearing clairaudiently, and it just got stronger as time went on.

This caused me to have great excitement. Once able to hear, I was able to understand much more; the guy who originally was of bad intent had to go as he had become attached to me. Cutting a long story short, a female came and announced that she was taking him away, and I should say goodbye. As I wished him well, he offered to still stay. I said, "No. You must continue your life." That was it. He left.

Communicating with Spirits - Sometimes Through Dreams
I have also had a lot of dream interactions. Some were incredibly powerful messages about the power of three before I could hear clairaudiently. The following were not dreams.

One night, I went to bed and had my hair tied up. I remember thinking, "I'll use this tomorrow for my hair, but it may fall out during the night." The next morning, I woke up to the tie not being around my hair; it had been placed on the other side of the room on a shelf. Later, I was told that it was a lady who had done it as an act of kindness.

Twice I woke up in the morning to find a UK penny underneath my back, the classic pennies from heaven story. I would later hear spirits talking about how they had left money for me!

Direct Spirit Communications and Sightings
Once I could hear objectively, I heard my name being called from my landing when I was in bed. It was a lady saying her own name and my father's name. I also heard a man humming a tune at the foot of my bed; a loud high pitched gong sound one foot away from me in kitchen; a boy who used to whistle a lot that everyone heard; and one time a whistle like the sound of a wartime bomb dropping!

Help with Haunting: Helping Ghosts!
I recall the time when I saw a full spirit form walk downstairs and into my lounge where my family members were eating dinner. I was in the kitchen and saw him pass by so casually. I went in to check and see if anyone had moved; they hadn't! I have also seen a bright glowing ball of light, about the size of a football, come down at an arcing angle in my back garden. The orb moved slowly and silently at night. That, I was told later, was a very special visitor which I mention in my book. I've observed my cat watching people walking up and down in my lounge when I was alone. Sometimes they touched her, and she would be sitting beside me, looking at her paws, bringing them back closer to her in reaction to their touches. I saw her one night watching something whizzing about on my landing, moving in circles and whisking around at high speed.

Communicating, Spirit Presence and Sights
I have felt touches from spirit, like tingling, on the top of my head and then arms, sometimes descending to my face and back. When in bed, I might feel the spirit presence on my calves. It usually would start lightly then become almost like muscle twitching but up and down in order, not random. Then it would progress to a fully physical rubbing, just as a human rub would feel. I would lay there thinking how awesome it was and baffled as to how they can do it, the science of it, etc.

In my home, I have light shows to this day, with flashes of light on my bedroom ceiling. It is not concerning at all but fascinating to me. Energy rushes sometimes flow through my body from above my head to my toes, like a wave rolling through me. That doesn't tend to happen as much anymore. It was like a surge, causing me to take an intake of breath from it.

Communicating with Spirits Now
Today, I hear subjectively whenever I'm in a quiet environment and focus. I don't go into trance or meditation, but just get quiet and they are always there. Amongst everything else, they teach me a lot. They give me an insight into their world and how it can be for some, the suffering some feel. I am happy for them to be around me and would much rather have some of the souls brought to me than having them feel isolated and alone. They tell me I offer security and are always surprised at how 'normal' I am. I also assist in crossings (helping lost spirits), and it's awesome when a soul believes they won't or don't deserve to move on to something better, to find that yes they can and do. It's awesome to feel and see.

My role is to help people in spirit, whether that be just acknowledging them, hearing them and having conversation, counselling, offering advice, or helping to cross a lost spirit. I also try to help people in the physical world to see that spirit communication is not to be feared. Spirits feel frustrated that humans don't know what it's 'really' like, and they say that fear is not their intention. Spirits tell me I have been given an opportunity because of my gentle, forgiving nature.

There has been so much that has taken place which is partly why I decided to write several books covering different areas. For each person that has their mind opened to the possibility of 'life continuation' from hearing me, I feel great joy; I know that it will make their eventual passing a lot less traumatic. I wonder if when a person doesn't believe, will they be like one of the poor souls that are brought to me for help?

About the Author:
Dawn Marie lives in the United Kingdom and her eBook, Knowing is Beyond Belief: A Natural Clairaudience, is available online.