Meditation to Talk with Spirits

Meditation to Talk With SpiritsHow to connect with something greater than yourself...

Whether we realize it or not, there is something greater than we may perceive: an all-encompassing energy, or “great Spirit.” This Spirit is within all of us; and all of us are within the greater Spirit. With this understanding, know that each of us are akin, in association, to everyone and everything else in the great spirit. But to understand this, to communicate with all, we need to get connected.

If we learn to connect with the great Spirit, we may receive wisdom, learn new ideas, experience joy, peace and real blessing. The Spirit is eternal – and because we are of the Spirit, we, too, are eternal. The Spirit knows all, and through our connection, we may also receive answers and connect with the spirits of people in these realms of light and love who often share insight and direction.

During your meditation, if you are open and connect, you may also become aware of Spirit's presence. Spirit is energy that usually is described as a tingling sensation (felt upon and within the body), loving, and filling the heart with a great peace and sense of elation. Great Spirit is cleansing – healing. And spirits, those who are enlightened (or of the light), will also come through to us in similar fashion.

Are You Disconnected?
Getting connected with the Spirit is as easy as having an open mind about this concept, and then, learning to be still. When we say, “get connected,” what we are implying is that currently, many of us are mentally “disconnected.” As we live our everyday lives here, on Earth, it is too easy to be focused on what is taking place around us. But, this way of thinking needs to “reverse” when we want to connect with Spirit. We need to learn how to temporarily disconnect from this world.

How to Get Connected to Spirit
The connection to the great Spirit is already there – we must get still to recognize it. The following are some steps to help you communicate with Spirit.

  1. Get Alone - Either sit or lay down, getting comfortable in a place where you will not be disturbed. Open your heart and mind to what you intend to do - connect with something greater than yourself.
  2. Give Thanks and Bless - Lifting your hands in the air, thank the great Spirit (or Creator, or God – whatever works for you) for everything. Be grateful. Thank the spirits who are with you, family and friends, for all they have done for you, too. Bless them. Bless others. Bless everything, including loved ones who have passed and those who are in Spirit - this is powerful.
  3. Speak Forth - Voice everything that is on your heart and mind, openly, releasing all. Tell the great Spirit and the wise spirits with you your hopes, worries, desires, errors, problems, happy and sad feelings. Hide nothing – for the great Spirit knows all anyway. And the enlightened spirits are your brothers and sisters – true friends. You are tuning in and feeling freer in the process.
  4. Breathe Deeply and Relax - Take a deep breathe, releasing any remaining worries and tensions with your exhale. As you exhale, each time, try and relax every muscle in your body, focusing your mind on the breath. Allow your breathing to become shallower as you relax further. During this process, the goal is to quiet the mind from thinking too much and to become completely relaxed. You are disconnecting and connecting at the same time.
  5. Ask Your Questions - After becoming totally relaxed, request wisdom and insight to be able to hear from Spirit and the spirits who are with you. Ask your questions and wait, being still and listening. Most often, you will not hear an audible answer. The voice of Spirit speaks to the heart and may be perceived as a knowing, deep down – you may also receive thoughts that seem foreign and not your own. Thoughts, like these, are from those who are with you. Those are the best descriptions we can give for the spirit voice and what to listen for when quiet and still. But, also, pay attention to when you “feel” spirit presence. Are you feeling the presence as you discern answers? If so, look for Spirit presence to be further confirmation to the answers you are receiving.

When Will I Receive Answers
You might not receive the answers immediately, but this is O.K. It is important that we also learn from our experiences, while on Earth, too. So, knowing this, the timing on when we receive some answers may not be right away.