Led by the Spirit Versus Psychic Ability

How is one "Spirit Led?" Is it the same as "Psychic Ability" or "Psychic Power?"

We decided to write this article about being led by the spirit because we feel many (Christians) wonder about how they can be Spirit led. The Spirit we speak of is the Holy Spirit, of course. Many Bible scriptures speak of being Spirit led with a favorite found in Romans:

"It is those who are led by the Spirit of God, who are the sons of God."

Now, that is an important verse that is grossly overlooked by the Christian religious system, today. A son of God is one who is inwardly (not outwardly; not by your Bible or pastor) led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus, we are told was led by the Spirit. We are also told that he is a son of God.

So, what is it like to be spirit led? Well, we can only speak from personal experience. Allow us to tell you how it works for us. We view the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth. In other words, it bears witness to truth. Whenever we get a thought in our mind (especially a thought we don't believe we were thinking!) and recognize it as an inner knowing,Led by the Holy Spirit versus Psychic Ability we will, at the same time, receive witness of the Holy Spirit with it. We also will receive the witness of the Spirit on thoughts that are from people on the other side of the veil, messages from those around us (both sides of the grave), if they are messages of truth (see "voices - messengers from the other side"). This "presence of God" or "Holy Spirit witness" flows from within our innermost being like waves of love - the Bible describes this phenomenon as "rivers of living water;" we can even physically feel it at times. Sometimes, it may feel like goose bumps or our hair standing up on end. And as we rethink the thought or thoughts that had this witness upon it, often, we can usually feel it again. It is a feeling of Spirit confirming that we correctly heard the message of truth, that we know!

Christians today are taught to fear what many call psychic power or psychic ability. We believe we are trying to split hairs. If I am a christian and I follow the Holy Spirit, then I am on sound doctrine (so say some). If one says they are psychic, then that person is considered lost (so say Fundamentalist Christians). We believe that the ability to be led by the Holy Spirit is the same as what others call psychic ability. Did not Jesus speak to Moses and Elijah at the "Mount of Transfiguration?" Wait a minute! We were taught as Christians that we are going to Hell if we speak to those on the other side of the grave! We have even heard it taught that we cannot hear those on the other side and they cannot hear us. Then, how did they speak with one another at the Mount of Transfiguration when Jesus was said to have conversed with Moses and Elijah (who died a long time prior)?

We are told in scripture to desire spiritual gifts. Many teach the "baptism of the Holy Spirit." When we became "baptized" in the spirit, we believe for many that it is simply an opening up to the awareness of spirit. Since then, we have had dreams and premonitions. We have had what some Christians call "words of knowledge" and "words of wisdom." Psychics may call it "foreknowledge" or "premonitions." Again, we believe they are one in the same. We think we need to be looking for that inner witness to confirm the thoughts we have. Personally, we know I have received thoughts that were not my own and had no witness of the spirit on them. It is possible for those on the other side to give messages of both truth and error; be in tune for the witness before calling a message or thought truth. We have had foreknowledge of job changes, church leadership changes, persecution, personal information of others and more. Now, we have learned not to throw away those thoughts we usually cast off as "crazy." We examine them for "the witness." And if we feel the "witness," then we pay attention!

We believe all have the ability to be led by the spirit. Here's how to get started:

1) Begin to look for it. Begin to expect it. It is already there within you. You have it; you just don't know you have it.

2) Learn to "feel" it. If you currently don't feel it, then seek the filling of God's Spirit (Some call it the baptism of the Spirit). When you are Spirit filled (aware of the tangible presence of God) for the first time, you will know it. When you know it, keep asking for more of it. The more you receive it, the more you will know it. The Spirit we speak of is God's love. It is peace. It is truth. It flows within your inner being and even outward. It is easily recognizable and comes when earnestly desired. It is healing.

3) Begin to test it. Test the witness within. Then, begin to trust it. The more you test it, the more you will trust it, as you know the witness of Spirit is true.

4) Once you trust it, do not doubt it. Follow it.