Post-Birth Memories

Marlene shares memories from post-birth...

I'd like to share an experience with you.

I have come to realize that I have a few, very early memories, actually post-birth memories, that may have occurred before I was brought home from the hospital, which would explain being "enlightened."

I have recall of being in the nursery after birth, watching the nurses hustle about in their starched, white uniforms and caps, and recall listening to a woman who was holding her baby on her shoulder.

As she was speaking to my mother, the remarkable part is I understood what she was saying! I understood English right after birth.

Now the most remarkable experience: I have a very clear memory of leaving the earth with a translucent woman, in a flowing gown and holding my left hand. I clearly recall looking to my left and smiling at her.

She smiled back at me. I remember her face, her flowing gown, and seeing the earth below, as we headed out into space. We were on the night side of the earth. I remember looking ahead, as we were heading out into space and thinking to myself that this was great, that I wanted to just keep going. The moment I thought this, it was like we hit a wall with an abrupt stop, and suddenly, I found myself in a crib and it was daylight.

These experiences have taught me that we do have spirit bodies and that there is another dimension. A little baby couldn't possibly have any point of reference to make up such things, if they were not real.

I've had other extraordinary experiences that have taught me that life is not as we are traditionally instructed.

If only we could speak to babies and know what they see. They see spirits, interact with them, have an expanded mind beyond an infant while in that infant body, but cannot tell anyone what they experience. Then most of us lose it, if not all of it, most of it, so that we can orient into this physical plane.

I can briefly tell you this: I had an experience stepping into another dimension through a portal - a wall in some unexplainable room - and ultimately was shown the 9/11 attack. The memory was removed, until I was in college, and then was returned. What I was ultimately left with the understanding that this event HAD to happen! I didn't understand what I had seen, until it happened. It was quite a whallop.

The veil between us, and the spirit realm, might be thinning...we're all souls, and we can all help each other from both sides of the veil. Life is interesting that way.