Seeing The Spirit Colors Of People

Kimberly Loving Sees Spirit in a Different Way...

When one thinks of people and colors, the immediate thought for most is likely to be about our differences in skin and race. But I have a friend who sees something beyond fleshly hues, and something she calls a person's "canvas."

It is important to understand that all of us are spirits within Spirit. The spirit is who you truly are, eternal and perfect. Spirit is simply another word for energy. Some of us may have heard that the spirit of people can be visible as auras, a subtle field of energy surrounding a person, and that they can be seen in different colors.

Kimberly Loving does not see auras, however. What Kimberly sees can be described as replacing the faces of people, leaving her with a colorful image unique to the person. She sees different shapes and colors distinct for each individual and something that reveals their sense of character. Her ability to see colors of people in such an unusual way is truly a wonderful gift few people have.

Over the years, Kimberly has developed the ability to discern meanings from within the human canvasses she sees, something very interesting and telling. For example, her grandmother's beautiful canvas changed when she neared the end of her physical life. She has also been able to detect illness, as well as health in the colors, as well. A person's personality, and perhaps their behavior and choices are also visible to Kimberly. For example, negativity is usually seen by her in various concentrations of black.

Kim's ability begs the question, "What exactly does she see?" If she sees the perfect spirit only, then there would not be anything negative found within the image. So, I wonder if Kim sees not only our spirit and its wonder, but also the pattern created by what and how we think. When I say think, I am really describing how we can be misled into believing things contrary to the truth of who we are.

We unfortunately do this when we choose to live shallow lives by being focused on the outside world, negating the spirit within. When we allow ourselves to mistakenly believe things due to living lives externally, it affects both our emotional and mental health. Is Kimberly perceiving this with her spiritual eyes? I think so.

At first, Kimberly thought everyone saw people as she does. When she first began to realize that she saw people in a different way than most, she sought a way to convey to others the colors and shapes found within each canvas. Through paint on paper, she found a medium to record the colors and shapes she perceives. This has allowed her to be able to study the spiritual nuances she sees so clearly, learning to listen to what the patterns and colors tell her.

Above are two photo examples of Kimberly Loving's paintings. One image was her grandmother's spirit canvas which remained the same until the end of her physical life, when it gradually faded away. The other is Daniel's spirit colors before he tragically passed due to cancer. Kimberly sadly saw streaks of gray infiltrate the colors as the sickness in him grew. Notice there is a little black in the upper right corner. Did something in his life help to create the illness?