Right vs Left Brain: Spiritual vs Physical

Before we dive into the right brain versus the left brain, let us explore some common beliefs regarding our interaction here in the physical world, in conjunction with our interaction within the spiritual world.

People wonder why we cannot completely communicate with the spiritual world. Is it that our physical bodies are trapping the spirit man within, and blocking spiritual information from getting inside the physical body and brain? Some people believe our bodies to be nothing more than a shell, trapping our spiritual being and holding it here on earth. Others may say maybe the time is just not right. Maybe we are not spiritually or emotionally able to handle being in both the spiritual and physical realms.

We must first realize that we are already in spirit, as we are spiritual beings within a fleshy suit. All of our interactions are taking place in both the spiritual and physical realms at the same time. But how come some people have no problem communicating with the unseen spiritual realm, while others really struggle? It makes me wonder if all of us have the ability to communicate with the spiritual, but have sort of shut it down due to our "reasoning mind" called the "left" brain being in the driver's seat.

I have often wondered if our inability to "hear" from the spiritual world is due more to the right and left brain sort of at odds with one another. The controlling left brain prefers the outward, physical realm and is dominant; the creative right brain is in tune with the spiritual, but under the dominion of the left. Therefore, it would naturally be more difficult for a person to sort of "let go" and allow the right brain to have its way. Meditation teaches to "detach" from the physical world by relaxing the body and clearing the mind. This allows the right brain to be released fully.

Now some questions. If a person "changes their mind," could it really mean to turn off the dominant, analytical left brain to allow the emotional, right brain to communicate with the spirit realm? And at night when we dream, could it be that the left brain shuts down during sleep and the right brain awakens, connecting to the spirit side of which it is kin? And could Out of Body Experiences (or OBEs) occur more when we are able to shut down the left brain to allow the right brain to be in control -- usually at that time right before we drift off to sleep or are tired? When we are tired, is it our left brain that is really tired? And finally, could shutting down the left brain (so the right brain can communicate with spirit) be the meaning behind the old phrase, "In my right mind?"

We believe, through our explorations and studies, that there is more to us than what we understand. It would have been great to have been given an owner's manual, but who says we cannot step beyond our comfort zones and examine our own beliefs, thinking patterns, etc.?