Soul Coming Into This World As an Orb

A Vision Possibly Reveals What the Human Soul Looks Like

Since my experience, I've had a few visions. It's been over a year since I actually had a vision; but I had one, recently. A co-worker was having trouble getting pregnant. She had tried many fertility intervention options which had failed. As far as I knew, she had given up and was pursuing surrogacy (where someone else would carry the baby for her).

The Vision of the Birth of a Soul
One day, I was standing next to her, and I saw a small orb of glowing light enter her pelvic area. I felt a very powerful emanation of joy and love from this little light. I was stunned! I knew she was pregnant! I have always wondered when the soul entered but never imagined I would actually witness such a blessed event!

Apparently she had re-tried en vitro fertilization, unbeknown to me. She announced a week and a half later that she was pregnant. I told her what I saw, but I told her it was a dream (she would think I was nuts if I told her I actually saw it happen through a vision).

She has had some difficulties, but I know the pregnancy will succeed. I felt the will of the little soul who is to be her child.

Well, just thought I'd share this latest vision. God's grace be with you All...

Publisher's Thoughts:
Could Orbs, Balls of Light, Be Souls?

With many orbs being eye-witnessed and photographed, it begs the question: Are orbs human spirits, even ghosts? We feel this story about a vision could reveal what the human soul might look like: a ball of energy...a ball of light.

This story of the birth of a soul originally appeared on the Spiritual Mansion Message Forum by EternalParticle.