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"Reading his book only confirmed what I already knew. But, Louis Charles gave me peace of mind and a better outlook on life. I can finally breathe and not have to walk through life fearing everything...and fearing the God I love so much. You have no idea what your book has done for me. Let's just put it this way: I had the box of Kleenex by my side the whole time. It's that deep. Thanks, Louis. I love the book! And, thanks for the salvation!!!" - Kathy O., California


Jesus Religion Book: Reviews, Testimonials, Praise"I read your book and (my wife) Lanna wanted me to give you my thoughts.

I was raised a "Free Will Baptist." My father was a FWB Preacher, so I had a childhood centered on church and church people. I knew when I began your book that you had spent a great amount of time in your studies.

While I have felt for sometime that we aren't getting the whole picture with the Bible...I knew nothing of the 'lost books of the Bible' until a few years ago. Since my dad passed several years ago, I don't think he knew about them either; or knowing him, he would have told me.

I also can agree with you on the fact that 'gospels' were left out of the Bible purposely. You gave me more insight into the history of the Bible that I have been searching for, for so long.

In fact, I am more interested in the Bible, when, where and how it began, etc, than anything else. I want to know more about the Council of Nicea.

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I decided some years ago, that if I was gonna' have a belief system of my own, and not merely a repeat of my fathers beliefs, I wanted to know more about the book itself that I was to base my beliefs in! I had questions, lots of them, that no preacher could seem to answer exactly. If there is only one Holy Bible, how could there be 10 zillion denominations (all claiming to be right) when they all had the exact same book. To me, it seemed kinda' like being around someone explaining a movie to you that you've already seen; and what they describe is NOTHING like what you saw...makes no sense.

My father was an honest man, Louis. He lived his entire life devoted to his church (often at the expense of his kids). Since he was an uneducated (he got through the 8th grade) child of the Great Depression, he had a thirst and great respect for knowledge, as well as a deep desire to serve God and his community.

As most fathers were, he was worried about me, my lifestyle and my soul. One of the things he instructed me to do, in the few years prior to his passing, was this: 'Take NO PREACHER's word for the scriptures, Son. Read it. Study it, and figure it out for yourself.' Those words, my father's final instruction to me, is what led me on my journey to find the truth.

Along the way, some truths I have discovered have been kinda' hard to wrap my mind around; and to be honest, some of the things I read in your book was also sort of a stretch to wrap my mind around. I'm not saying that you are wrong; or that anything I read was false or untrue. It's just gonna take my feeble mind time to fully appreciate and accept everything I've read.

Bottom line: Like my father before me, I thirst for knowledge and possess sense enough to divide the truth from the fiction. Thanks for the information you shared with me. Thanks to your years of study. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place, and I thank you for that." - Jim W.


"Louis Charles obviously put a serious look and study into this work. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it. I have struggled for years trying to decipher what I learned in the church walls as being accurate or perhaps a test of wills and control; this book spelled it out cleanly and thoughtfully.

I admire Mr. Charles for having the strength to present his wisdom to the world in this format. The book while sounding controversial is very sensitive and does teach truth from a historical and cultural standpoint. I give this book an A+" - Laura Lyn



Got your book last week. My wife got it first and would not let me have it until she was done. I finally had my turn and couldn't put it down.

I've often thought about writing a book, but I don't need to now. I can just point people to yours, because it says everything that is on my heart in a way that I could never express. Thanks for writing it. It is one of the best books I've ever read. I've added it to my list of suggested reading on my website. My wife was equally pleased with your book.

Mike Miller"



I am almost finished with your book, and I love it. You have read my mail, as I'm sure many others can also say. You nail it down better than anyone else has I think, and your book should be taught or at least truly put out there for all to see; and many will not receive it at once, but will come back to it as they awaken. It is inevitable. Isn't it amazing how more and more the Words of Jesus make more sense now?

Two things I wanted to be sure to say to you.......THIS is the GOOD NEWS that Jesus said to go and tell the whole world; and.............THIS is the REAL 'Secret' that shouldn't be a secret at all, but we are telling and giving it to the world, as "God" intended. Thanks, Louis. Be blessed. - Cate, Florida

Mr. Charles, I just finished your book and found it quite interesting. You have given me a lot to think about. Thank-You." - Lisa Gordon

I got your book this afternoon, and haven't be able to put it down. I had to stop on page 137, (I do need to get some sleep). But I wanted to say, I have always been the person who has looked at life's glass as half full. And always been accused of living in the "feel good" religion. And I couldn't find any other religion that made me feel whole...instead tried to keep me in fear. And reading your book has helped me realize that I am not a liar, I am not a lunatic, so therefore, I AM!

I have finished your book...and I THANK you for putting something, I could never explain to others how I have always felt inside my heart. Thank you! - Kathryn Murphy-Smith


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! For writing this book! It is the best! So well written! Not one bit complicated! Such Life!!!! So many things now confirmed, understood, etc.! You can't imagine how excited I am!! I feel revived! It's like a diamond, showing so many facets of what I already knew, but in so many wonderful ways of seeing it! Making so much sense of things I wondered about and things I never considered! This book is definitely from the truth within! A must read to help those who the Father is calling out of religion and into the truth, freedom and life! - Lela Ellender



"Dear Louis,

I just wanted to make contact with you to thank you for all your writings and now your book! I have been shown that my purpose here is the journey of truth, to experience and know truth in every aspect of my life.

I relate so much to your own journey as it in many ways is so similar to my own. I was actually brought up in a strict religious sect, which I struggled with my whole life as I never had a personal relationship with God and never had the so called peace and joy that all these other people had! When I had my first baby, it caused me to question every thing in my life, and I wanted to hear directly from God and know that I was directly pleasing him and that he knew me! Well that was a start of a wonderful freeing journey.

We were led stronger into the religion, then we were shown all the things that weren't truth in that sect, then we were led out! We were led by spirit the whole time and the Bible was used as a source of answers from spirit. After we left just over 12 months ago, I actually struggled a little with freedom, but knew I would be guided for every step of my journey.

I got to the place where I couldn't physically read my Bible anymore and I was being told by spirit that I did not need to rely on anything external, but still felt that there was nothing beyond Christianity and that the Bible was truth. I was bound by the Bible! I found your site and your writings and your experience with spirit, and learning and knowing truth within set me free! I knew and felt truth instantly and even though old fears arose at times, from that day on me and my little family were guided out of the Bible, out of Christianity and we now live a wonderful holistic life guided only by spirit. Everyday we are coming to the truth of who we are and the truth of an unconditionally loving God within us all. I have been shown that God is breath (spirit) and that Divine Breath is in every cell of our body; we are all one. Once the shackles were removed, truth and light comes freely now and the experiences are fantastic and so freeing.

We have been persecuted quite a lot even by our own family. They are desperately trying to save us! When you make the decision to go on your own individual journey, how threatening it is to others and their inherited, handed-down beliefs. I am shown that light is information and that darkness is ignorance; and that is why we lived a life of just existing...not really living, as we were not to ask questions lest we be led astray!

I am so thankful for your light and for spirit leading me to you. I have ordered seven of your books altogether and I know I will be guided to those who are seeking truth to share them with.

I was also shown that where there is life, there is growth and where there is growth there is change. Our journey of truth has lead to changes in every aspect of our life, and as we are growing we are being enabled to become and be our true authentic individual selves, thank goodness! Take care and thank you!" - Taryn J., Qld, Australia


"Like looking in a mirror. LC also reflects my story as I had to battle my own preconceived ideas about God. I too came to believe that the only way one can stumble and Fall from God is to trip over the man-made obstacles of Religion. Send copies of this book to anyone you know who is still struggling.


"LC, I give your book 5 stars. Thank you for it, keep on writing." - WE Bissell


"Hi Louis :-)

OK....I am reading your book...JESUS RELIGION....and I just want to say that it is AWESOME!!! I just started it yesterday and now am about ready to start the 5th chapter. Will most likely finish it today...or tomorrow at the latest. If ever there was a book that I would desire for all of my friends and family to read, THIS IS THE ONE!!! :-) I am serious! I can soooOOoo relate to your personal story of your journey and could have written it myself! Can't find anything so far that you have said that I do not agree with! Not that it matters.....and if I do find something I will not discount it as Truth, but will meditate on it for further revelation!

Blessings to you and yours!" - Deb


"Jesus Religion: The book for our times.

Having gone through a similar experience to Louis, being caught in fundamentalist religion, having an experience of Spirit and being freed from religion using the tool that was once used to bind me (the bible), I can relate to this wonderful work on many levels and this book has helped me to release a few lingering fears.

Louis does an amazing job of bringing the true message of Jesus to light, he does this in a very clear and easy to understand way, exposing religion for what it is, asking the hard questions and causing the reader to re-evaluate what they have blindly accepted from the pulpits of the world. Of course he does all of this with love, a sense of non judgment for the reader pervades this work.


Thank you Louis from the bottom of my heart, I will be sure to share this book with many others, it truly is a gift." - Logan