Christian Teachings Are Based Upon Fear

Logically examining fears found within Christian teachings...debunking messages of fear.

Christian Teachings Are Based Upon FearAbout ten years ago, I spoke the truth of Hell not existing as an eternal place of punishment to a friend bound by traditional Christian beliefs. This got me in trouble. Her church elders contacted me, informing me that they love me, but I am no longer welcome to visit their church.

While discussing this with another friend of mine who was more understanding, he pointed out that all one has to do is question the teaching of an eternal Hell, and Christian religious leaders feel threatened, fearing for the safety of their congregation.

This made sense to me. He was right. Many Christian beliefs are vitally threatened if followers ever cease to believe in an eternal Hell. Why?

Be Careful What You Build Your House Upon

Most of the Christian church is founded upon the idea that we are bad and deserve to be punished. You see, much of today's Christianity had been founded upon fear. It is fear that says, "If you do not appease an angry God, a person will suffer the consequences for an eternity." Therefore, if we look closely at most of the teachings within Christianity, they are fear-based and not founded upon of love. 

Fear is not created by God, but is man-made. The Bible itself mentions that God is love. We need to hear a message of love, not one of fear, if we want to make the world a better place. And, if we come to know that we are indeed inherently good, the traditional Christian message of original sin is exposed as false. People make mistakes. But deep down, there is a core of goodness.

What Got Me Into Trouble with the Church

After I had pointed out to my (now former) friend who was bound by religious thinking that the word 'hell' actually is not found in the Bible (in the original Greek or Hebrew languages) except in English translations, it threatened her beliefs; she became frightened. I might also mention that the words 'forever' and 'eternal' (scary words often used by Christian evangelists to convey the idea of 'eternal punishment' or people 'suffering in Hell forever') also are not in the original biblical writings! 

Why was I such a threat to the whole church that the elders would hold a meeting and then phone me? Was it out of love for me because I was lost? No. It was completely motivated by fear - fear of losing control of their congregation should someone think differently than what the leaders teach. Closed minds are always bound shut by fear.

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In Christianity, we are taught that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and perfect. If true, such a deity would only be able to create those whom he or she desired to exist, a perfect creation from a perfect God being incapable of creating something imperfect. And why create something if it doesn't have a purpose? All life is important and relevant.

Religion based upon fear does not make sense when we think it through logically. An intelligent, loving, divine being would not cast away portions of humanity to suffer his or her wrath, especially a "God of love" that says we should forgive. How can a forgiving God be unforgiving?

In my book, Jesus Religion, I work to expose the false teachings of fear in order to demonstrate that they are not truth. When we are able to take a step back and face our fears, we will recognize that fearful thinking patterns - our strongholds - were never real but imagined. - Louis Charles

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