Heart Attack Near Death Experience

The following near death experience occurred when a man died in the hospital following a heart attack...
On May 25th, 2005 I experienced a massive heart attack. I'm a 48 year old,  and sure didn't see that coming. Everything I tell you is from other's accounts, as I only remember the gift of life returning to my body.
It seems that several surgical attempts to stabilize my heart did not work. After many long hours of fighting for my life the doctors finally gave up. When the surgeon walked out of the ER room that I was in - he was met by my 250 lb, 25 year old son whose life revolved around his love for his dad. When the doctor said there was nothing more they could do and they were very sorry, my very upset son demanded to know, "Did you try to shock him?"
Again the doctor explained that the fight was over and there was nothing more they could do. Long story short:  while the doctors were waiting for security to remove my very huge, very upset son, they appeased him by applying shocks to my heart. My son tells me that on the fifth try I let out an incredibly loud animal growl and sat straight up as I came back to life. Thank you son.
I wish I could tell some incredible story about seeing the light and feeling overwhelming love, or something encouraging, but I believe that I didn't see any of that because I did not begin that final journey. I think I was meant to learn what ultimate love from another human being is about. And learn to appreciate the life we're blessed to have. My son slept by my side in the hospital for 8 weeks until I was released.

The memory that will never leave my mind was the vision in my head on the fifth shock. I remember from out of complete blackness shot these 2 incredibly massive fists which were attached to a brightly lit hero looking being. They slammed into my chest with such incredible force. At that very moment my thoughts knew that I had received an electrical shock from those paddles. Very weird.
- Rick McClure