Life Plan Near Death Experience

It was around the summer of 1991. My relatives, family, and I were standing in line at a Renaissance Fair. I remember that I was three years old at the time and was sitting on my father's shoulders. According to him, a bee began to fly around his head. He then began to run, which caused me to fall off of his shoulders and down to the rocks below.

My family quickly gathered around my little body down on the rocks. I remember laying there, being unable to move or talk; but strangely, I could still breath. My father tells something different, but this is basically what I remember about the incident.

My older brother who was about four years old tried to get me to talk, followed by my father; but I could barely move my mouth. Talking was a no-go. I then saw a man and a woman who appeared to be medical personnel.

Starting from my feet upward, a cold feeling began to take over my body, as if it was dying or going into shock. I could also feel this strange feeling in my head. It was like something was gathering inside of my brain. Suddenly, I was viewing things from above my body. I was not too far above my head, maybe two inches. I could only see my little legs, but a golden light began to appear behind everyone. I then heard a wind-like noise and felt my mind being pulled out of this world and into a world of pure darkness.

As I arrived there, my vision was kind of blurry at first; then it became vivid. This darkness had dimension, and I felt a sense of calm as if I were protected. I began to feel a presence appear behind me

I don't remember everything that was talked about, but I can tell you some things about this experience. I instantly felt as if I awoke from a "deep sleep." I remember saying, "What is this? Where am I?" The being had a fatherly voice that I believe was in response to me being only three years old. I actually wasn't three years old when I arrived there but was much older in adult years.

The being told me how I had an accident which caused me to be brought there. I tried to move, but I remember the being holding me still for some reason with what felt like big arms of which I could see. The being told me how I would go through a lot of hardship, but me and my family would come out as survivors. This has happened!

I asked the being if I would ever have a son. He told me how I would. This child wouldn't be my biological son, but I would still consider him my son. He told me how my son would have something happen to him, how he would come so close to death but survive the problem. Also, he told me how this would only make me love him more.

Before this conversation, I recall that I had an argument with the being about returning to the physical plane but eventually agreed to go. At the end of our conversation, I could see a tear beginning to appear in the darkness. Through this crack of light, I could see a doctor's chair, the doctor, and my father. After telling the being how I loved it there, he told me how I could come back to him after I die. He then pushed me through the tear and back into the physical world. My spirit was pushed through the chair and into my head. I remember it felt like I was being tuned back into my brain as my vision became fuzzy then clear.

I have had so many more experiences with a being and light after this.

- Justin