Laszlo's NDE

by Laszlo Clements, West London UK

Back in 1990, I was working long hours as an area manager for a security company in west London. Over a period of time I developed a sore left shoulder, I ignored it thinking I'd slept awkwardly. One morning I awoke with a high temperature and a bad attack of the chills. I showered and felt a little better but my wife insisted I see our doctor, I resisted but compromised saying I would call in on my way to work. The doctor took one look at me and said "you have a fever and should be in bed." He then asked me if I had any other symptoms apart from the fever so I mentioned the shoulder which seemed to be worse this particular morning so he listened to my chest and checked my blood pressure....then, with a Small frown, he suggested that maybe I should go to the hospital and get an ECG.

To cut to the chase, I got to the hospital and was now feeling nauseous, after the ECG a doctor got me to sit up and asked me if I felt OK...rather a stupid question I thought at the time, however, as I sat up I felt myself going into a faint and fell backwards. It seemed to go dark and I heard someone shout "get him to recovery now!" and I felt myself being wheeled and banged through the doors and another voice shouting "turn him on his side!" Although I was still being wheeled on a trolley, I could feel hands turning me to the left and suddenly I slipped off the moving trolley, as I fell I opened my eyes wide and hit the floor. And then the most oddest thing happened...I seemed to bounce off the floor and floated quickly to the ceiling then downwards again. I managed to get myself upright in time to see the trolley with my body on it accompanied by a doctor and a couple of nurses, continuing to crash on through some double doors. My reaction was one of disbelief and, oddly, embarrassment because I felt like I was naked. I called out for the entourage to come back, but no one heard and I saw them disappear into the emergency room.

I began to run after "myself," but I shot up into the air again and just seemed to roll forward very slowly. As I came down again, I had that sensation you get when you fall in a dream and I felt myself yanked sideways with great force. At the same time, I shuddered like I had the worst chill and there were pins and needles over my entire body.  These sensations appeared to occur in a flash and I found myself in a bed, wired up with an oxygen mask on and an intravenous drip in my arm. I felt so confused as I looked around and my wife was sitting beside me saying I'd been unconscious for about three hours.

I couldn't understand what had happened because the experience I'd just been through seemed to last for about five minutes only. I have no explanation for this, only to say that it was very, very real and the few moments I was "outside" of myself I knew without a shadow of doubt that I could not get back on my own. If I hadn't gone to the doctor that day I think I would probably have died in my office. Oh, and the problem I had was an infection around the lining of my heart which started to fill with fluid. But I made a full recovery with no lasting damage. I think about it sometimes when friends have died and wonder to myself if they just bounced off the earth and flew away.