My NDE  
by M. M.
It was 1971 and I was sixteen.  I was coming out of high school and coming down a driveway, and I heard something/someone say, "Hurry up and run, (your sister) is going to have the baby." So I ran down the school's driveway, stopped at the bottom, looked to my left, no cars, went to the middle yellow line, looked to my right, no cars, went to join my friends, on the other side of the street when I felt something hit my hip.
All of a sudden I saw a yellow light, like an hourglass figure come around me. When I looked again, or blinked, I saw white puffy clouds, blue sky, and a felt very peaceful feeling. I asked, "Am I in heaven"?  I could talk, and hear things going on, there was someone calling a name that I didn't realize was mine, and there was someone screaming. I asked, "Who is that screaming?" and when I blinked again, I was back on the street, on all fours.  When I opened my eyes, I could see a semi-truck, because they had stopped traffic, and that was the next thing that couldn't get through.  It was a car that hit me on the opposite side of the street and I think turned me around, or I was thrashing. I never was able to find out what the circumstances of the accident were.
Twenty four years later, I was hit by a pickup truck.  When I felt that hit on my hip, I thought, "What the hell?" and saw nothing.  When I awoke, I told my son, "Wow, that was a good sleep.  He said, "Ma, don't move.  You have been hit by a truck (pick-up). 
In the second occurance, I had a premonition something was going to happen.  I wouldn't go out for four days.  But my son talked me into it. 
It is all OK, as I am alive today to see his beautiful baby boy, that was born, five weeks ago.