Fade to Black NDE

A near death experience occurs after the person's heart stopped. The NDE began by fading to black, culminating in a personal identification with the angelic.

On 4-22-12 my heart stopped for 30 minutes.

Fade to Black Near Death ExperienceWhen my heart stopped, I felt like everything faded black.

Then, all the sudden, I woke up. But I was in a weird, kind of purplish, hazy-type atmosphere with these beings. By just looking at them, one automatically knew their authority. You wouldn't question it - a person would feel drawn to them.

So, 30 minutes felt like years in this place: hundreds of years (if that makes sense).

When I came back to life, I noticed I can (now) feel energy. I can read people's minds, to an extent, but not all the time. I also can feel movements in the environment when I close my eyes. 

I'd love to learn more. All I know is I am part angel, and my name is "Foriel." I'm looking for others of my kind like me. - Foriel