Hit by a Bus NDE

by Andy Hurst

My life changed, as I nearly died after being knocked over, hit, by a double decker bus. I was unconscious for over a year. When I did wake up, I didn't know where I;was, all I could see were monitors and a "bleeping" machine. Everything was like a whirlwind, and I started to shout, "Where am I?!" My left leg was hurting, so I couldn't move. A strange lady talked to me, and told me what had happened and where I was; but it seemed like it was the day after the day I died everything had changed. Even my Granddad died in the space of time I was unconscious - I didn't even get to say goodbye.

I was in the hospital for over three months, then I was sent home. As I lay in my bed, I went all hot and fuzzy and started to see whirlwinds of people, as if my head was spinning around! I fainted and re-awoke quite quickly to find when I looked in the mirror, my face was bright red and there was a white cross on my left cheek. The week after that, I was sitting on the bank with my friends eating my lunch, and we were talking about ghosts and our experiences. My friend spotted the white cross on my face, again!