Grandmother Near Death Experience

My name is Amber, and I'm 17 years old.

When I was 11 years old,I had a near death experience.

My mother had sent me to the store to buy a few things, because my father had just come home from the hospital the day before. I had premonitions that something bad was going to happen to me that day. As I was walking home from the store, I was hit by a car; and I blacked out.

I saw the light, my maternal grandmother and other deceased family members. They were crowded around me. It was so deep, my grandmother hugged me; and I could actually feel her warmth. I even smelled the perfume that my mother said that my grandmother wore when she was alive. My mom told me that even though she passed before my brother and I were born, grandma was always there for us. She is watching over my family.

As glad as she was to finally meet me, I had to go back; because I'm too young to be up in heaven this soon. I have a long life ahead of me, but she will stick by me during this and be true to her word.

Nana was also with me the whole time through surgery, my stay in the hospital, and when I finally started walking again months after. My mother says the reason that she was there is because she is my guardian angel.