6 Wings' NDE

Part One of Nine:
This is an extraordinary and descriptive near death experience from someone who wishes to remain anonymous and goes by 6Wings. Their experience with a fear-based Christian denomination should be noted as most of the NDE has biblical and religious thoughts accompanying it.
I have traveled through Brethren and Pentecostal churches with a near death experience half way through the latter of the two. My husband....harsh Catholic upbringing...near death experience...Baptist...Pentecostal. We gave up our favorite pews some years ago...as we became weary in gleaning truth through the leaven. We actually were there at this point because our daughter was thriving in the environment...she also attended the affiliate church school...up to the 4th grade she was the kid who was awarded yearly as having the most Christ like attributes...then...she began posing 'anthema' questions...and not just opinions, but knowing...inquisition time hit. Especially when she voiced that she did not worship Jesus as God, but loved him as a dear friend and God's son as we all are. Quite frankly, despite The ax coming down on the other side, neither my husband or I had even considered this different view until this child taught us, as she has many spiritual 'knowings'. We love truthful knowledge...to see others 'points' like in the cuts of a diamond...reflecting yet more light...only increasing the value. We are also burdened for those in the prison of religion.

We have encountered others who have left religion and in doing so chose also to leave God. What a life-lesson! It's been quite a ride! Our daughter is 17 yrs. - going on 34. She is an Indigo Kid. There's quite a few websites and books on the topic. PMH Atwater who does extensive NDE research also has researched what she terms The Children of the New Millennium. There are more and more children being born with these similarities. It is our belief that the cry in religion declaring that Jesus is coming soon in the flesh is true...in these kids! If you go to some of the websites there is statistical research showing a phenomenal influx of these kids entering this realm. Now, more than ever. In New Zealand they have found that these kids are not the minority in classrooms as they were even 5 yrs ago. They are finding that they compose 90% of the classroom population. With that rapidly increasing. These kids have a burning desire to do the works of Jesus. Like not just feeding the poor...but literally solve world hunger. Jesus said the poor will be with you always...he never said they should go without food. These kids are highly creative...in the arts...but also creative thinkers. This is going to come as sounding like the most frivolous decision for a vocation...and not at all Christlike!?

My daughter has decided to become involved in the clothing industry. She is determined to make money and lots of it. We were taken back by that. Our thoughts were her being a natural healer. We listened to her reasoning....it amazed us. She has discovered a way to her highest goal. She loves art...she loves healing...and she's found a natural talent in healing some of her friends wounds and low opinions of themselves by not following the 'click' fads at school (very expensive) but to simply find what fits the individual and the courage to be just that. She's got a reputation for being a stylist consultant at school. She's decided to use all of herself as part of her path to her purpose. Which so far doesn't sound at all spiritual. She figures the wealthy are going to buy and spend anyway...she wants it, what cash is exchanged, transferred to a higher purpose. In doing so she will not rob the poor...as governments and religion do. Clothing design to her is simply an enjoyable way to her purpose. She is intolerant of the deprivation in our country and in third world countries. Does this sound like the wealth of the gentiles will be given to the children? A new cut on that diamond of scripture? She's not alone either...these kids believe with a passion these things can and will be accomplished in their lifetime. They are highly creative in the means to accomplish this and other world problems....that Jesus would have done. The works that I do you will do and greater than these will you do. He fed 5000+.

I'm also hearing about some other kids being born with even greater manifestation gifts...they are in few now...they have the natural ability to manifest instantly...filling an empty glass with water. Can you imagine a gifted child like that in the wrong hands? Also, Moses and Elijah returning? With supernatural gifts. What other truths did she just know intuitively? At 4 years she discussed her past incarnations here. It was never a topic in our home. She knew that you could carry over a trauma. We had placed her in beginning swimming lessons 6 times. Just so we could wash her hair. This easy going pleasant child would turn into a rabid lioness. It took almost one year...she swims like a fish now. She wanted to tell that a most traumatic event in another visit here was running from the castle and in attempting to save another from drowning...she too drowned. She said she failed an important 'mission'.

The first time she saw a picture of our solar system at about 5 yrs old, she 'informed' us that she was not from this system...but from another galaxy...and that there are 'many mansions in my father's house'. She thought water baptism was the silliest thing she'd ever heard. Especially the importance of it. That it had anything to do with washing away sins. Loving is what is important. I (her mom) became acutely aware of the love this child had to give very shortly after she was born...loving, something that is not considered to be possible in a young infant. I had postpartum depression...the choice not involved in this chemically unbalanced depression was even more distressing to me. I began to find that every time I held her I felt better. I felt love. Depression being empty of love...it hit me one night...this love I felt was not from me...it was from her. She was healing me through it. She was less than a month old!? She also knew that it was the act of love and its intent...the straight and narrow path was this and this alone, regardless of choice of deity. She also refuted the covert belief that self-love is a selfish act. It being absolutely essential to love others and God. Guilt trips would not only fall flat on her with its intent...but she would more often than not, have something quite to the point to speak back to it....and without a doubt if this was inflicted on another...perhaps wounded other. This with insight beyond her years. She is without prejudice. As far as the scripture study...it is something she doesn't do. She claims that the truth is already in our hearts. ('written on our hearts'!) You can imagine a 4th grader expressing this at a Pentecostal Academy? Standing alone? It was amazing how the doctrine suddenly came forth as proceeding the love this child displayed, and had prior been praised and recognized by them for it. She was to them an example of the last days...how even the elect might be deceived. I would add that we don't necessarily agree with everything believed by those on the Indigo sites and those writing books. I am concerned with exploitation of these kids.

Pre-existence...my daughter speaks of her place (home) as connected to but not in what we would traditionally call or describe heaven as. She states there are places where one actually has their own 'planet'...she doesn't think about it anymore...she knows why she is here and she knows she chose to be here...and that is her business at hand. During my NDE...I met Jesus...wouldn't I? I say that because this was my "agenda mind-set"...I love this guy...not because I'm 'suppose' to either...I could not help falling in love with him. My NDE was quite extensive...it will take time to cover what all I saw. The main theme for me in that experience was to open my eyes....to tear down religious doctrine that controlled me. Time does not exist...I went to what we define as past, present, & future...all being present states. The pre-existence as I saw can be in uncountable diversities. Manifestation being what is. I knew that I had always 'been'. I knew that there were other places in the 'universe' where one could learn as Earth is used. I saw that there was a plan for the Earth to evolve into a higher place of habitation.
I was taken before The Father...I did see him as an aged man! Could he not take any form he chooses to take? A burning bush? This image was much easier on my psyche. And...I was already completely terrified of Him at that point. Jesus I could handle well...but the Father was wrathful (to me in my mind). Light was bursting from Him like a pulsating orb...so I was left to see His lower arms...down. He was huge. I understood him to be nonsexual...no he...no she...'He' IS. Although in paradox He also contains within Him the male/feminine...He is manifestation. I could say a lot more at this point of the particulars I saw there...but I'm attempting fatally I think(!) to stick to pre-existence.  Pre-existence can be inclusive of past incarnations here...they can be a 'next step'...and not at all pertaining to blowing it here in a past life or karma...many have incarnated again just to help others...remember Paul stating he was only yet here because of them?(paraphrased) Agreements are made there before coming into this realm and with many. I was shown what I was going to face returning here...I didn't want to return...my daughter who was not born in this world yet came to me...herself and Jesus counseled me...I would call those agreements vows...what's interesting about this is that I was told I couldn't have anymore children (by the world). Also, the man I was married to at the time was also sterilized.
Upon my return I assumed I would adopt her. However, the veil had closed between realms...as events took place here, I was shaken to remember clearly those events I was before shown. The veil had to be put up...on many of those future events of my life. I lost everyone in my life...I can't blame them...I tried...it didn't fair well! Who they had known was not at all the same person. 'I have not come for peace but division'...(family specified) took on a whole new understanding. Six years later...and my daughter was born. I had told everyone exactly what she'd look like. We also could be on the It's a Miracle show...the medical profession was absolutely baffled...not for one reason...but a series of reasons. Before her birth my doctor asked me if I was prepared for the inevitable...from brain damage to gross deformities. He just didn't know that I not only had seen her...I knew her. The only medical 'problem' she has is being allergic to wheat. She is the picture of health as long as she doesn't ingest this. She also is clearly not deformed...maybe this had something to do with her sense of justice...but she choose to incarnate as a beauty. Where those genes came from is a total mystery to us. One would think she in fact was adopted.
I was shown my husband 'there' also...his NDE occurred the same month as my own...the moment we looked in each others eyes here...romance...love at first sight?  Better put, we knew each other...both of us recognized each other.  Pre-existence is in that light...I was taken into the Father's arms and He spoke to me about fearing Him. When love had cast out fear...I was taken into 'His' light. The next thing I knew is that I was holding Jesus' hand and flying through a snowfall...no ordinary snowfall...we were miniscule...the snowflakes were the size of a major building in comparison. We flew through the designs of these snowflakes...absolutely having a ball. Suddenly, the 'whole' of the snowfall had within itself absolute diversity...each snowflake a creation unique...no two would ever be the same...this being infinite. In other words...as no two snowflakes are the same within the 'whole' of the snowfall...as no two fingerprints are the same within the whole of the human race (cloning? not sure...still meditating on that one)...so, is this within the whole...but without a human term...greatly amplified? Got It! Deep unto Deep! I know some of you have experienced that scripture...the same truth...then in time...you receive more truth within that truth without contradiction...yet it is incredible that it is so huge...this deeper truth. So is the Whole. I've heard many say, even NDErs, that there is an arrival point, that the destination is back into consciousness and that's the ultimate goal or that heaven is. Certainly/absolutely not! At that point of entering the whole...it is infinitely even more diversified within itself and of a deeper quality. I had this strong sense that the universe was expanding from within itself. As in, even this world, used as a place of learning...would ultimately be as 'heaven' . I feel I am inadequate in expressing this as I would. Evolving is creation recreating upon itself...deep unto deep. This is about creation. Even 'there'. What that looks like? What would you love it to be? As long as it falls under the greatest commandment...it is lawful for your universe to be 'painted' as you desire. You are the manifest-er!  I'm a movie buff...Robin Hood...Kevin Costner...Morgan Freeman...a little girl asks the latter if God painted his face & why....he answered her...because God loves wondrous diversity. I was stunned...I had heard those words spoken before...but not in this realm!
Jesus had told me that every scripture was truth...I must look between the syntax - therein lies the Spirit. Jesus also said on 'my trip' that truth is without end and without contradiction. That knowledge of the truth even by the wisest in this realm is but a drop (as we were sitting by the sea he scooped his hand in the water and allowed one drop to fall through his fingers) out of the oceans of the world...that God has for us. As a seeker in this realm that could come as an exhausting thought! But gaining more knowledge there is like eating food and drink here.
I know this is going to cause a flurry with religious zealots in its time! I also know their territory...how they view it all!