Tunnel of Light NDE

As a child, when sick, she encountered having a near death experience that included a tunnel of light.

from Lenora B.

Tunnel of Light Near Death ExperienceWhen I was six years old, I had my tonsils taken out.

When I was home, recovering, I started bleeding in my throat. No one knew I was bleeding. About the second or third night after surgery, I started vomiting blood. My dad worked nights, my mother didn't drive ( this was in 1949). My mother had me vomit in a five gallon bucket.

When my dad came home and saw what had happened, he took me to the hospital. As we walked in the front door, I passed out. I found myself in a tunnel. It wasn't dark, it was a bright tunnel. I felt as if my body was wispy, and I was floating down the tunnel. 

Someone took hold of my floaty-feeling body, by the back of my neck, and pulled me back. I yelled, "No! No! I don't want to go!" A very kind, man voice said, "Its not your time to go."

A little while later I woke up in a hospital bed.