Near Death Experiences Angels

Experience of the Dying Process and Angels Helping

The account begins with a near death experience...then an angel sighting.

My first experience with death was after I returned home from work with the flu and a migraine headache. I had consumed too much pain medication, Paracetamol, by accident. I was awakened from sleep, sensing that something was wrong. I shot out of bed, allowing me to see an intense, blue lightening coming up from the bottom of the bed! It was a thick, wide, intense, blue, jagged lightening bolt.

Near Death Experiences Angels
I don't know if I had been dead and brought back to life; but, it was a very real experience. I summoned my mother, and she phoned our Curate who prayed off me the "spirit of death" and prayed into me the "spirit of life." I recovered instantly from all flu and migraine but did not go into work the next day. In fact, it took two weeks to recover from this experience. I felt very strange all the time, like I was walking behind my body. Eventually, this feeling went away - this was January 1988. In September of the same year, I met and married my husband. Eighteen months later, our daughter was born.

My next encounter was the weekend before the Monday my mother died in 2005: She was 91 and had been in and out of the hospital for the last year. She had come to stay with us as she wasn't able to look after herself anymore. On Saturday afternoon, my mother was listening to some soft music in her bedroom. I was sitting on the chair at the foot of her bed. She said, "I have taught you all you need to know for this life - to be a joy to the Lord (God), not hate, learn to love and don't live with regrets." I became very emotional while hearing this. She said, “Very soon, I am going home. I mean, I am leaving and going to Heaven. Don't cry for me. You have helped me greatly, prepared me for Glory and that is why I am thanking you now.”

Later that evening, my mother had gotten ready for bed and was sleeping. My daughter was asleep, and my husband and I were watching TV until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was at a very unusual angle on the settee (slumped), and with half-opened eyes. Toward the closed curtains of the window was a huge angel. So large was the angel that I think its waist was from the ceiling down. Our Victorian lounge has a very high ceiling, around 16 feet. Its outfit was lavender, blue and pink with what looked like star-sparklers (UK fireworks called, “sparklers”) sparking off the edges of the garment in all those colors like flowing liquid. Perhaps the garment was alive in some Heavenly way. When I fully opened my eyes, there was nothing to be seen.

The next day at breakfast, my mother managed to come down all 18 stairs to have some food with us. I decided to tell everyone at lunch what I had encountered around 1 AM, the angel in the bay window. My mother, then, surprised us all. She told us that in the night (very early hours), three angels had been in her room and helped her out of bed, helped her onto the commode, and then back into bed - even switching the lamp on and off for her so she could see what she was doing. My mother asked the angel, "What's your name?" One of the angels answered her, saying, "Daisy." I never would have imagined they were getting her accustomed to her new life beyond this one!

On Monday morning, just before I went into her room, I heard rustling. I knocked and went in, as usual, but my mother wasn't in her room. I ran down the corridor thinking she had managed to get to the bathroom. I did a quick search, but she wasn't in any other room in the entire house. So I went back into her room and sat on the bed which had the covers lifted off of it. I was looking up at the window, but I could not see anyone. As I got up to leave, I looked down on the floor: There, my mother's body appeared. It was very strange that she definitely was not in the room prior to this. She had gone to glory at 9 AM that Monday morning with an escort of three angels into Heaven. It was very painful for me, her daughter, and for her granddaughter. But now I know if you ask for help, and ask for angels, they come. We don't have to die alone or go to Heaven on your own.