Death Dreams Near Death Experience

Death Dreams Near Death ExperienceA teen-aged girl began having dreams she would die, has a near death experience, years later, as the dream of dying continued into adulthood...

from Jodi B.

When I was around 16 years old, I kept having a dream that I was going to die.

I would keep having this dream into marriage. And as I got older, I eventually remarried; and my dreams became more vivid of this dying experience. I would wake up crying, and I'd wake my husband when he heard me sobbing. I'd tell my husband I was going to die when I was 20 years old. He'd just tell me I was having nightmares. At twenty, I had became very ill. I couldn't breathe right. That was in my dream, also.

I became so ill with not being able to breathe that I'd sit in front of the air conditioner to get fresh air into my lungs. My husband kept insisting to take me to the hospital, one day, but I'd tell him if I didn't get better in a day or so I'd go.

I didn't last that long, and he ended up taking me that same night. I was brought to the emergency room, rushed to ICU and given adrenalin thoughout the night. I felt so bad and had such a hard time breathing. Eventually, I started coming to grips that I wasn't leaving the hospital. This feeling was hard to explain -- the feeling I had was like I didn't have pain anymore, and something, or someone, was letting me know it was OK to let go. I was thinking to myself, "I'm leaving my daughter." (She was only 2 years old at the time.) But, I felt it was alright to let go; and when I did, I saw myself leave my body. Strange. I was looking down at my body, and it was laying on the hospital bed. I felt very safe, not fearful but happy to be going whereever I was heading.

Next, there was a bright light I was moving toward. As this was happening, I recall never having felt so happy, so good, as I felt at that time. As I neared the light, something did not let me go into it; I was told to go back because I still had things to do. This "something" was never a voice I heard but more like a thought, as if I was being spoke to through mental telepathy.

I didn't have my body: It was more like my spirit. The next thing I knew, I heard alarms going off all around me. I was so ill that I didn't understand what was happening. I saw a doctor standing over me, but I hadn't came back, yet. I saw his white jacket and shirt with nurses all around me. Then, I heard someone exclaim that I had a heartbeat.

The only thing I can tell anyone who might be afraid of death is this: don't be. We do go to a different place. I didn't get a chance to see the other side, but I felt it. It was great. I asked the doctor If I died. He smiled and said, "Yes, but your back." He squeezed my hand and smiled. My husband was told they had lost me, but I made it back, more or less. He called my parents and told them I died; so this is my story of when I died.

Ever since my near death experience happened, I know things before they occur, in advance (like ESP). Why, I don't know. I've read this has happened to other people after their near death experiences.

Thank you for reading my experience.