Study Hall Near Death Experience

Hello my name is Valerie... I am from the Chicago-land area. I had a near death exp when I was 16 yrs old and a sophmore in high school. I was at school, when it actually took place.

I was sitting in study hall and the seats went up like bleachers (you know where the teacher would have been down below in front of all the students), and I had been feeling really tired that day. I had a lot of traumatic things that had been taking place at that time, in my life. And, I cried out for God's help on a regular basis, as I really did not want to live. Well, I was sitting there; I had a book in my hand, and a pencil (in case I wanted to write something down). I kept falling out of the chair (I thought I was just falling asleep naturally), but this young man who was sitting next to me kept asking me if I was OK. He said, "You keep falling back in your chair and your body keeps going limp. You dropped your pencil...that's how I noticed." I said, "Yeah, I think I'm OK -- just really tired." It did seem strange to me as well, how I kept falling out of my chair so quickly, when I felt wide awake one second earlier. I kept doing that quite a few times, and started jolting awake in my body. People we're looking at me like, "What the heck is going on. Is she OK?" But then, I would come back to what they we're doing...assuming I was fine.

Next thing I knew, I felt really super awake and the room seemed to be "off." The teacher was getting farther and farther away from me. I questioned how this was possible, as I was sitting in the same exact spot. I eventually started seeing her go down even farther...and farther. I looked down and in shock: I saw my body laying there in the chair limp, and my pencil had fallen to the floor, again (just how the young man had described). I was in shock; it felt really different to see my body from a "looking on" perspective. I eventually saw this a doorway, if you will, to somewhere else from behind me. But, I couldn't see where it led to or beyond it...

I then heard an older male's voice within my mind. It was like he was speaking to me within my mind, and I was in my mind, as well and could hear; and he could hear me perfectly fine. He told me that I had a choice: I could leave my body and go beyond the blackness to a different place that wouldn't be a bad place; or I could stay in this life and do more work. He told me that either way, it was my decision -- that there was no wrong or right answer. But if I left, I couldn't go back into that body ever again. This life would be over. I think he was trying to tell me that they saw my suffering...had heard my cries and were there to help me, if I wanted. But I had the feeling this was a rare, "one time in a long time offer" - you know? I did not feel scared; and I knew either way, it was up to me.

I remembered asking the male voice what was beyond the doorway.  He told me he could not tell me, because it would be interfering possibly with my decision (and it had to be all up to me).  He told me they had heard me when I was crying out and begging so often to be taken out of this life.  That's why I believe this chance had come about to me.  I had decided to stay, for I guess I felt I wasn't ready or done with my work here on earth, for this life.  I had struggled for a few minutes (I think), making up my mind.  I was tempted to go beyond that darkness, to that other place; but, I was told by the male voice (who I could not see with my eyes -- only hear) that time was running out and I had to decide either way.
The young man next to me had started shaking me, again and was panicking this time.  He had even grabbed the attention of the teacher!  They were both now panicking, as I was not responding.  He told the teacher it seemed as if I was dead, and not breathing.  Some of the others in the room started to grab attention to this, and were getting curious and panicky now, as well.  When I came back to, after making my decision to stay, the young man was very shaken up.  He told me he thought that I was for sure dead...gone.  I was shaken up as well, and asked him if he had seen me floating above my body.  I told him I saw everything from above my body.  He just looked at me with confusion and awe, and said, "No."  I was asked if I felt OK and I replied, "Yes, I think so."
The teacher then suggested I go to the nurse, and I agreed that sounded like a wise idea.  This is a 100% true story of an experience I had when I was just 16 years old.  I am today currently 29 years old, and think this NDE was amazing.  I wanted to share it with other people.  I felt so awake (and even more so),  when I was floating above my body.  I could still see and hear everything I could while alive here on earth. I really didn't even feel like I had died.  I just felt "lighter," as if I wasn't restrained by my body.
This is how I believe it is, when we all pass on from this life...leaving our earthly bodies behind.