Angels of the Seasons

In magic, angels of the seasons are invoked for certain purposes. Various magical systems may assign angels to the seasons differently, but the following list of seasonal angels is one of the associations of the angelic to seasonal times of the year.

Ruling Angel: Spugliguel
Angels of Spring: Amatiel, Caracasa, Commissoros, and Core

Ruling Angel: Tubiel
Angels of Summer: Gargatel, Gaviel, Tariel

Ruling Angel: Torquaret
Angels of Autumn: Guabarel, Tarquarn

Ruling Angel: Attarib
Angels of Winter: Amabiel, Cetarari

Archangels of the Seasons...

Spring: Raphael
Summer: Uriel
Autumn: Michael
Winter: Gabriel

Source: The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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