Angels in Dreams

Was it an angel in my dream? If so, why did an angel visit me?

Many wonder about angels and dreams especially after having a dream where a messenger, who is often perceived afterward to be an angel, appears.

Angels in Dreams: the Messenger

The message-bearer in the dream is sometimes recognized (known by the dreamer) but typically is an unknown entity. Occasionally, angels in dreams are immediately recognized (or interpreted) as being angelic due to memorable experiences of bright light, warmth, peace and intense love.

Angels in dreams, however, may not easily be identified as 'angelic' especially when their appearance is in human form, such as a man, woman, child, a deceased friend or relative. People often believe angels must have wings and halos - popular artistic renderings. It is important to understand that angels can appear within our dreams in any form imaginable and always bring a message of some sort.

You may be aware the Bible mentions that the patriarch Jacob was visited by an angel within his dreams (Old Testament), while Joseph (New Testament) also had an angel visitation while dreaming.

Because Western interpretation of angel visitations typically harken back to Judaism and Christianity, we should note that angels in the dream state are definitely found within each of those religions' ancient writings.

Why Do Angels Come to Us in Dreams?

You may be surprised to know that many people believe they have had angel encounters within their dreams. We must ponder, then, why divine messengers appear while we are no longer awake but asleep. Could it be that during the dream state we are more relaxed and open to communication by angels? Is our analytical left brain now more relaxed while the expressive (and often suppressed while awake) right brain becomes vibrant and interactive? If so, this could also mean that some angels within dreams are produced by the mind for some unforeseen need.

Although angels in dreams may imply that entities come and speak to us, it is also possible that we are able to produce the entity within our mind in order to speak to ourselves. Perhaps, we feel the need to communicate to ourselves or each other during times of sleep. 

Sometimes the core of our being is crying out, telling us to listen, but we have closed our heart off. This is especially true when we are too externally focused on daily events taking place around us. We get caught up in busy thoughts and lose ourselves in mental constructs. Yet, within us is the heart of our existence, a truly loving guide through life; for your core is who you really are. Often, we lose sight of the true self and need a messenger to speak to us. That messenger may be another spirit, or even our own higher consciousness working to awaken us to the path of truth.

Angel Messages in Dreams

It really doesn't matter if angels in our dreams originate from within us or from what is perceived to be an external messenger; we are all connected and one Spirit or consciousness. What is important is that we receive the message.

During our dreams, when an angel visits, the message may be delivered to the recipient verbally, telepathically or visually:

  • Verbal Angel Messages - the angel speaks to the dreamer orally.
  • Telepathic Angel Messages - the angel may not speak to the dreamer at all. The message comes to the recipient as a 'knowing' or 'enlightenment.'
  • Visual Angelic Messages - the dreamer will see scenes unfold that tell what is occuring in the present, past or future (not dissimilar to ghost visitations in A Christmas Carol).

If the higher, angelic communication comes upon the wings of love and peace, then receive it. If it is a message of fear, then we need to examine it. If a dream is illogical, it may be of a metaphoric interpretation. In other words, it could have a deeper meaning than what's on the surface - it is possible for angel messages in dreams to be more profound than a literal understanding.

We must remember that the wide cultural interest in angels, especially the various religious interpretations, has produced many fantastic images for our unconscious mind to use as an illustration within our dreams. What does the illustration mean? What is the message and what can I learn from it?