Angel Stories: Stories of Angels

Real, true angel stories collected from witnesses!

Angel stories can be both inspirational and enlightening, bringing hope to readers that the presence of beings with higher knowledge just may be helping and guiding all of us in our life travels. Stories about angels have been recounted for millenniums, revealing that all are surrounded by greater, wise spirits.

Each angel story is unique, providing lessons we can learn from, especially focusing on three areas: angel intervention, communication and guidance. This unique angel stories collection has taken us years to put together through people directly sharing with us their personal angel and spiritual eencounters.

History of Angel Stories
Angel stories are an ancient tradition. Angels and angel stories pre-date the oldest Hebrew texts of the Bible. The Sumerians, who pre-date even the Egyptian society, are the oldest recorded ancient civilization who used winged humans in their carvings and statues. The Sumerians tell the oldest known angel stories of “messengers of the gods” who would intervene between the “gods” and men. Angel stories since permeate throughout ancient and most primitive cultures, as winged beings seem to be found within most all of their artwork and lore.

In the earliest books of the Bible, we read many angel stories concerning their intervention between God and man. These angel stories always seem to depict angels as human in appearance. In Bible stories about angels, they have appeared as messengers, protectors, destroyers, guides and healers. Mythology also had its share of winged messengers, and these angel stories most likely influenced many famous artists over the centuries to paint and sculpt angels with wings. Perhaps the wings are an artist's way of conveying the story of an angel’s “higher place,” that being spirit.

Interestingly enough, a Christian leader, St. Augustine, described angels simply as spirits. He believed that an angel’s "office" is messenger, and not their nature. Thus to St. Augustine, anyone bearing a message can be an angel. This seems to make sense, as the Greek and Hebrew words translated as angel mean, "a messenger."

Although angel stories can be found within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it should also be noted that some ancient cultures (in addition to Sumeria) had stories of angels. Babylon, Persia, Egypt, Greece as well as Eastern religions (such as Buddhism and Hinduism) also tell the tales of benevolant spirit beings interacting with mankind, though they may have been known by different names.

Our collection of angel stories are interesting to read, as they often describe visitors that are human in appearance, typically bringing a message or assistance of some kind to people. Though we have categorized them in an attempt to make it easier to identify similar experiences, angel stories always seem to bring a life-changing experience to the one who experiences such dramatic an event.

Perhaps the most interesting of angel stories are those that tell of mysterious visitors who often come in a time of need, provide help and then leave as quick as they surfaced, all without any indication that they are spirit visitors! Their form, and speech seem as solid and earthly as one would expect seeing from another human, but how can we explain the way these angels seem to show up out of nowhere and during times of dire strait? Truly a supernatural visitation by those who must be watching, and somehow overseeing what occurs in our lives.

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