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Information about ghosts and spirits abounds, today, thanks to the popularity of TV programs and the Internet; and Angels & Ghosts has sought to provide some of the best knowledge regarding the spirit world, ghost hunting, ghost problems and all sorts of info about ghosts for you to study.

We've been doing this since 2004.

You'll find that some of our ghost information is invaluable, giving unique and unparalled insight into the world of spirits. Each ghost category is chocked full of informational articles, insights and research. Our goal has been to provide a resource where visitors can learn more about ghosts, why they haunt and what we can learn from them.

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Ghost Information: Exploring Specters

Due to either lack of experience, skepticism or religious overtones that still permeate Western thinking, some are unable consider the existence of ghosts. And without having had a personal, ghostly encounter, we can understand that for the non-believer other-worldly experiences must seem 'far out' there. But such ghost encounters do happen to quite ordinary people, believe it or not. The information we present about ghosts in this section seem to verify that.

Explore Your Personal Ghost Beliefs

We encourage you, the visitor, to dig deeply into what you believe regarding the unknown and ghosts. Enter the darkness and do not be afraid to find out what lurks beyond your fears.

While exploring personal beliefs, it is always important that we seek to understand why we believe what we hold dear. Try and keep an open mind. Otherwise, we will not question life's mysteries objectively and could fall victim to superstition or fright. Questioning what we are told is a good practice, and that is why we offer this ghost information section.

Ghosts Cause Us to Question Our Fate

We may blame some religions, in part, for teaching the idea that after death we will find ourselves still alive and in a place (e.g. heaven or hell) and not just a different state of being.

For example, most doctrines within Christianity, with the exception of Catholicism (e.g. purgatory - a temporary waiting stage of the dead), teach that the souls of the deceased cannot exist in the earth realm and are ushered to another place to receive judgment and an eternal fate. Such doctrines would implore that the existence of ghosts are an impossibility, claiming the soul cannot remain behind with the living. We are inclined to believe such teachings to be incorrect - a fearful misinterpretation of ancient biblical writings.

Ghosts do exist within the human experience. We've proven that. What ghosts are, exactly, is the real question.

The Information Says 'Ghosts Exist'

Sightings of ghosts have been reported for thousands of years (not to mention you can find ghosts in the Bible), and this alone seems good enough evidence to confirm that specters do, in fact, exist.

Millions of people have seen ghosts.

Ghosts have been described appearing in different forms, from shadows that move to clothed apparitions that speak. Ghosts have made appearances in daytime and at nighttime, while people are awake or fast asleep. And most phenomenally, phantasms have been distinguished by more than one witness at the same time as well as at different times; this means that the same ghost has been seen by more than one person, making it almost an impossibility for the ghost sighting to have been a mass illusion or hallucination. 

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Definition of Ghosts

How can we best describe a ghost? Ghosts are people in spirit, no longer having flesh bodies. The person still exists, animated indefinitely by an unseen energy. Ghosts can remain bound to this realm, having not gone elsewhere, for a multitude of reasons. (note: There are different ghosts, and this describes just one type. See 8 Classifications of Ghosts.)

Angels & Ghosts teaches that ghosts are people who sometimes need our help to move beyond the past and onward unto peace. Begin your exploration of our ghost information, and hopefully, after your review of the studies, you will come to some of the same conclusions regarding ghosts and spirits as us.

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