Ghosts & Haunting

Mount your own inquiry into haunting and why ghosts haunt places and things...

Stories of haunting by ghosts have stymied skeptics and critics for as long as they've been studied. Although there have been many theories, no one knows for sure what is behind every type of haunting.

Below are numerous articles about different types of haunting, from eerie places to haunted items, for your study.

We've also included information about how to stop haunting.

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Ghosts & Haunting Tips: Portal & Poltergeist Haunting?

Portal HauntingQuestions remain as to if portals and poltergeists are actual types of haunting or not. Are there 'gateways' in the afterworld to other planes or realms? Are some mysterious disturbances mislabeled as being ghost activity?

Ghost Portals

Paranormal investigators often cite the word "portal" to denote a type of haunting with a high amount of ghost activity. A portal would be viewed as a doorway that ghosts and spirits can freely pass back and forth through, from the afterlife to our world.

Yet, not much is known about whether this is true, or not. Learn more about Portal Haunting.


Another type of haunting is said to be a "poltergeist-type" haunting. This type of haunting is hallmarked by the noisy movement of objects.

Poltergeist HauntingGerman for "noisy ghosts," poltergeists have been studied for years and are sometimes associated with a pre-teenage or teenage female living within the same home - something of a psychokinetic influence on the environment.

Other ghost investigators would argue that a poltergeist is an angry ghost that uses emotional energy to wreak havoc and make his or her presence known (and not caused by some form of teen's unwitting psychokinesis or telekinesis).

Are poltergeists ghosts and is this truly a type of haunting? Some say, "yes" and believe it is the haunting of a person instead of a locale. To learn more, read Poltergeist Haunting.