Haunted Dolls

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Scour ghostly stories, pictures and even film clips about dolls that supposedly are haunted or the cause of haunting. Can a doll really be haunted? Weigh spooky evidence and make up your own mind. You'll learn about different experiences people have had with ghost-possessed effigies, such as voice recordings, ghost pictures and video!
Haunted Dolls

Can a doll be haunted?Can a Doll Be Haunted? If So, How?
The phenomenon of haunted dolls can at least be traced back to voodoo dolls and the idea of connecting the human spirit with that of an inanimate, stuffed toy. In voodoo legend, the human who is cursed can be controlled or punished by simply manipulating or inflicting pain upon the doll. With modern-day haunted dolls, a similar connection between human spirit (a ghost) and the doll appears to take place. Witnesses to haunted activity have sometimes found objects to be central to the paranormal activity. It's as if the item either is sentient or imbued with energy associated to a traumatic, past occurrence. Paranormal investigators have claimed that the removal of such haunted objects will often result in the paranormal activity subsiding. In cases where the dolls seem to be conscious and interactive, it is claimed that a ghost is "attached" to the toy. Perhaps a mischievous human spirit is not attached (as in "tied" to an object) but just finds humor in spooking the living with a creepy doll - who knows.

Should You Buy a Haunted Doll?
Go on any on-line auction website, and you'll see various listings for haunted dolls. Haunted dolls seem to be the craze for both ghost hunters and curious people who want a ghost in their home; but there's a chance you'll get an old doll that you might have paid too much for, something that is not really possessed by a spirit. Buyer beware!

Haunted Dolls on eBayeBay Haunted Doll Listing Example
"This beautiful haunted cloth baby doll is vintage and belonged to my aunt. My aunt lives in a nationally declared haunted plantation home in southern Georgia. This doll was found in the attic of my aunts 1804 plantation home. She moved in the home in 1982 and has acquired this doll that was found in a large wooden chest. She found many other treasures as well! This doll really stood out! It has been kept in perfect condition in a sealed bag and box. Upon removal of the attic the doll was placed on the porch to air out overnight. The doll moved into the home and back up the stairs into the attic! My aunt stated that this happened twice! She also has noticed that it doesn't walk around the house but flies! My aunt and my uncle have both witnessed the doll levitating and flying through the home! This bizarre activity happened on a weekly basis till she decided to store it back up in the attic. She cleaned everything out and shipped the doll out to my so that I may sell it to you! I cannot keep it, I have too many objects and am avoiding clutter myself! I have not taken this doll out of its packaging, it is ready to be shipped out to the highest bidder! My aunt has held many seances in the top level bedroom (right below the attic chest) and she has heard movement from the creaking floor boards while no one was home! She cannot explain the noises but has told me they have stopped since she shipped the doll out to me."