Famous Haunted Doll

This now famous, haunted doll, "Chandra," was auctioned off on eBay for $42 many years ago. The haunted activity that comes with the toy is known due to a story about it having appeared in a book. The photos and information about the doll are from the auction page when originally listed and sold by Mohawk Valley Ghost Hunters.

Original E-Bay Listing for the Famous Haunted Doll:

"Our Haunted Items Auction is run by one of The Mohawk Valley Ghost Hunters. It is some of the collection the members acquired while doing various ghost hunts, attending Ghost Fairs and such. Many of the items have been seen in paranormal magazines,books and some televised on tv. Each of the items has a story of it's own and some handed down through various paranormal groups, after they have experienced many things. A lot of the items are being sold because the activity in the home and attached store has become so strong that they came to the conclusion to get rid of many of the items, in hopes that the paranormal activity will come to a cease.

MVGH works on a scientific basis, and their readings have all been documented over time.

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This auction is for a doll known to society as Chandra and an envelope of particles that seem to follow the doll. Chandra was purchased from a haunted touring museum in Mebane, North Carolina. The doll was also written about in a book called, Possessed Possessions : Haunted Antiques, Furniture and Collectibles. When MVGH bought the doll it was bought at a Ghost Convention in Goshen Virginia, where the museum had things on display. At the time of purchase there were papers that were handed out to people who stopped at the booth regarding each of the items the museum owned. The next few lines are from the museum staff itself:

Chandra was donated to the museum in 1991. At that time her clothing was dirty, her body was stiff. The saying around the museum is, 'She may seem like an ordinary stuffed doll, but she is much more than that.'

The woman who donated Chandra, told the museum curator that she would wake up in the middle of the night hearing a woman crying from the basement. When she investigated, she would find a window near the doll open where it had previously been closed and the curtains blowing in the breeze. The donor later told the curator that after the doll was given to the museum, she was no longer disturbed by the sounds of a woman in the night.

Some say Chandra has unusual powers. Many speculate that the doll has acquired these powers over the years, but since little is known of the doll’s history nothing can be said for certain. What is certain is the unusual effect she seems to have on everyone around her.

As soon as Chandra arrived at the museum, staff and volunteers began to have weird and unexplainable experiences. Lunches would disappear from the refrigerator and later be found tucked away in a drawer; footsteps were heard when no one was around; pens, books, photos and many other small items would go missing , some were never found and some turned up later. The staff passed these events off as absent-mindedness, but this did not account for everything. Chandra did not have a permanent "home" inside the museum when she first arrived. She was placed in the museum entranceway, facing the public, and visitors would stare and talk about the doll. Eventually, Chandra was moved to another part of the museum where she was carefully placed alone in a display case because museum staff had been told that she should not be placed with other dolls because she would harm them.

Since her permanent placement there have been many stories about encounters with the haunted doll. One visitor was videotaping Chandra only to have the camera light go on and off every 5 seconds. When the visitor’s camera was turned on another exhibit, it functioned just fine.

On certain occasions visitors and staff have found some sort of substance on the dolls dress or next to it, or even on the shelf where the doll sits, and it has nothing to do with the doll nor the stuffing of the doll. Most people think the doll has a tear in it somewhere, but this is not the case. We had the substance tested in 96 to see what it was and they claimed it was of a wood substance. The substance has since been collected in an envelope.

Some visitors are very disturbed by the doll’s eyes, some have even claimed that there was a glow of a green haze around the eye area. Others claim to have seen the doll appear blurry like something was moving it very quickly but in tiny movements, and still others say they have seen the doll in one position and minutes later she will appear to have moved.

Although they’re used to it by now, museum staff and volunteers still prefer not to be the last one working or locking up the museum at the end of the day.

MVGH Story With the Haunted Doll

Once in the grasp of the ghost hunters, Chandra had a strange aura about her. On one occasion the head of teams son, had witnessed a bright green light one evening while passing by the glass door to the shop. He saw a bight green light out of the corner of his eye. He stepped back to look in and in his words as bright as the sun this bright green ball of light seemed to beam. He said that the light was directly in front of the doll. Then the light seemed to burst open and tiny little yellow lights seemed to spray out of the what was a green light. He still talks about the ghostly green at various presentations held in the area. He always stated he thought his mother was nuts chasing ghosts, and didn't believe in them until that evening.

Many times the doll has been found on the floor, with no explanation behind it. The shop has since closed and at times no one has even opened the doors to the room, and the doll will be found on the floor. On one occasion their two year old came walking out with it into their kitchen, and there was NO WAY she could have even gotten into the shop!!!

One night while everyone was watching tv there was a crash that came from the shop room. Everyone to the door to see what had happened and the doll was found on the floor. As soon as the door was opened a chilly breeze whisked past everyone. What started out as a normal night ended becoming a ghost in OUR OWN HOUSE! Thermal scanner readings were berzerk! The temps had plummeted to below zero at one point! The temps kept fluctuating from 7o to 30 some odd degrees! EMF readings were off the scale and the shop did NOT feel normal! Various pictures were taken all over the room and some I will post here from that night! You will see orbs and in one quick shot there was ectoplasm in a photo. The cameras kept dying while these photos were taken. Whatever seemed to be causing the disturbance effect the camera batteries, and meter batteries!

THE STRANGEST of all the stories is that of this particle stuff that seems to be connected with the doll. Many times there is this strange looking stuff found next to the doll. It almost looks like a cooking spice, but is black!!! The envelope is always kept next to the doll and will be sent with the doll at the end of the auction. No one knows where theis substance is coming from, as it is not connected with the dolls stuffing or anything to that nature. The museum had it tested and it turned out to be some sort of wood.

This doll was the highest priced item that MVGH had added to their collection, and it is by far one of the strangest items they have ever came into contact with!

We ask that the winning bidder keep in touch with us after they receive the doll and let us know what events occur so we can document it in our files. Your name will be confidential and not given out.

It is advised that the winner of the auction keep this doll on a shelf, and do not under any circumstance give it to any child whatsoever."