Old Witch's Haunted Doll

Haunted Witch DollCould a witch really haunt a lady, and is she still with this old doll? The witch, you see, is no longer alive - or at least not in physical form - and the haunted doll? Well, it came out of her trunk that was in the basement of her former home. Could she feel that her stuff was tampered with, maybe stolen by the new owner? Read on and learn more about this story and the doll sold online.

Original e-Bay Listing for the Haunted, Old Witch's Doll:

"This is a very old doll I believe that was made by the witch that haunts my house. When I moved into the house, a lot of her items were stored in a trunk in the basement. She had a lot of jewelry and other weird things stored in a trunk and sitting in the basement around it. This old doll was in the trunk.

It is hand sewn and made of a flesh color felt. No face or features on the head nor is there hair. It is 10" long and about 3" wide. It is dressed in a home made black skirt with wide pleated material at the bottom and lace and nylon above that. She has on a lace bodice with black pearl type pins stuck in the front and used as buttons. She has on matching black bloomers with lace at the bottom and a pair of boots made of soft imitation leather with black fish net hose.

This is one of many dolls that she had. I am listing a corn husk doll later tonight.

I assume the old witch used this and all the other items in the trunk to cast spells on people and to work her magic spells. This old witch I am talking about lived in this house before I bought it. Her granddaughter told me her story and here it is. The grandmother was a witch and she practiced witchcraft and her magic in this house that I moved into. She wore black clothing and had a ton of jewelry that she wore. The granddaughter would not take any of the old witches personal items with her. She said they were all haunted by the woman, and she wanted nothing to do with it. After I moved into the house, I gathered up all her personal items and stored them in the basement. That is when I found the old trunk. It was full of jewelry and things that she used in her everyday witchcraft. They have all been stored there until now.

Here is the story of the old witch. I moved into this house 20 years ago and it is haunted by this old witch. I have seen her on many occasions floating in the house and also walking about with her black clothes floating behind her. She opens doors and slams them and does little nuisance things to irritate me. She loves to ring the door bell and then run off. I am going to sell all her personal belongings and the items that were in the trunk. I hope she decides to leave with one of them and haunt the new owner. I will not be held responsible for anything that you might receive with this item you are bidding on.

Her items are haunted read my feedback. Be careful of what you bid on. You might receive more than you bargained for."