Videos of Haunted Dolls

Searching for haunted dolls? We have gathered a few video stories of some of the more interesting haunted dolls to let you see what one might be in for should they ever want to own one. Be sure to know what you are looking for as some haunted dolls are not a pleasure to possess.

Animation of Haunted Dolls
Haunted dolls are bought and sold on the Internet quite a bit but are they all haunted? Not likely but some dolls do have some great stories that begs the question, "How is a doll haunted?" "Why would a ghost want to be attached to a doll? Although we are not sure, it is possible that the doll itself holds some special affection or meaning to the ghost. Perhaps, the doll represented a happy time in a person's life before tragedy struck. Or, just maybe, the ghost does not want to let go of the last item that brings back memories of a once peaceful past.

It is also possible that the amount of emotions and memories associated with haunted dolls still manifests as energy and animation, created by their former owners - much like created ghosts known as tulpas.

Haunted Mary Doll (video on this page)
The Perez family doll named "Mary" is supposedly possessed by a spirit. The haunted doll makes sounds and blinks her eyes. The video on this page is a documentary about their story. The doll was acquired in 1962, and was stored in a storage room by the grandmother's request. Did the grandmother know about the haunted doll or have an attachment to it? Does the doll move on its own?

Robert the Doll (video story is on this page)
Can a doll be alive? This doll is well-documented and on display at a museum, today. Robert Eugene Otto's doll stayed with him his entire life and was a likeness of him. As a boy, he would spend times talking to the doll - and when strange things happened, he blamed Robert the doll. Did his thoughts stay with the doll, animating it? Eugene Otto eventually became an artist and always painted alone with Robert the doll. His wife didn't like the doll, especially when the doll was given its own room. Spooky. Learn more about Robert the Haunted Doll.

Annabelle the Doll (video tale is on this page)
Well known haunted doll investigated by the Warren's. This doll is downright frightening to many and featured in the movie, The Conjuring.

As of this writing, we have not spent enough time devoted to understanding this phenomenon; but we must admit that it is fascinating. We have, though, seen credible video and story evidence such as Eastern Paranormal's haunted doll video. Perhaps, in the future, we may find the time or opportunity to run experiments on highly-active, paranormal dolls.