Places to Look for Haunting

Ghosts are more common than people think, but do we really need to go some place to find a haunting? Are ghosts all around us, or are they bound to places and haunts? Let us begin by giving some ideas of good places to look for haunting, and then think about ghosts, in general.

Places to Find Haunting & GhostsIf a location has seen life, then it could be a likely place for a haunting. Life is energy. One of the most common types of haunting that depends upon this life energy is the residual haunting. This type of ghost activity occurs over and over in a certain place, and is a past event reoccurring in the present. These ghosts, though, are non-reactive, but might make for an interesting experience. Haunting will most likely take place where life has been lived, tragedy has struck, trauma has been experienced, memories have been made, spirituality has been shared, history has been witnessed, and emotions have been spent. Because of these ingrained memories - the mental attachments that we create and have, it is also possible that ghosts stay attached to a place, person or object due these emotional feelings, or even trauma, as it is relived within the mind. It is thought that incredibly strong traumas and emotional crises may cripple disembodied people to the point that he or she might not even realize they have died and are left to wander the earth unwitting!

Places Most Likely to Have Haunting:

  • Homes - a lot of life's emotions can be experienced in a home
  • Schools - lots of memories from the formative years in people's lives
  • Churches - spiritual activity and worship can create a great environment for haunting
  • Graveyards - the last place people mourned together shedding emotions
  • Hotels - memories and history found here
  • Crime Scenes - trauma and tragedy coupled with emotions produced by it
  • Hospitals - many deaths and emotions felt in these places
  • Nursing Homes - often the last place a person lives before crossing over
  • Theaters - wide range of emotions shed in these types of places
  • Battlefields - loss of life and trauma coupled with emotions of hard fought deaths
  • Amusement Parks - where might you want to hang out in the afterworld and be cheered up?

There is the theory that the lowest plane in hell is parallel to the physical world and is known as the "earthly realm." It is on this plane that ghosts manifest in the physical, as they are still attached to people, places and things in this world. Visit Spirit World for more on this.

Taking things further, one must still ask, "Does one need a place to find ghosts, or are spirits all around us?" Could it be possible that wherever we go, we bring loved ones with us who are in spirit? Could ghosts and spirits of our departed loved ones or friends hang around us to assist us, observe us, or simply because they like our company? Can we call spirits and have them manifest their presence to us? Can we speak to them, and can they hear us? The spirits seem to be saying, "Yes."