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Instruction and help for those seeking to solve or end a haunting...

How to Stop a Haunting

Get Help With HauntingPeople who have an active haunting often want help but may not know where to turn. They might resort to using a local ghost investigative group to come explore their residence. This may or may not work, depending upon the experience of the investigators.

With an increasing interest in ghosts and haunting, thousands of paranormal groups have sprung up over night. Some of them are simply mimicking what they have seen on television shows, sometimes making the haunting worse due to fear and superstitious practices.

Seasoned ghost researchers know that ghosts must be communicated with in order to help them move on. This is typically how to end a haunting.

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How Do You Stop a Haunting?

Each case is different and not every haunting will be easily resolved. Sometimes, a haunting will not be stopped despite the best attempts, especially when the ghost is strong-willed and close-minded. Still, we advocate working to end a haunting by approaching it in a positive manner, believing that the impossible is indeed possible. We want to encourage the reader who is haunted by ghosts: you can do this!

Ghosts have different personalities, likes, dislikes, and reasons behind their motivations. To end a haunting, a person must mentally connect with the ghost to communicate. How do you end a haunting? Talk to the ghost.

How to Stop a Ghost From Haunting You

Ghosts are people, and people communicate in order to convey information and reach understanding. Compassionate communication with the ghost is the best option to solve a haunting. Forceful methods used by some might seem to work, but the ghost could return, or worse, become angry and resistant. Pissing off a ghost is the same as angering another person. Finding a peaceful resolution or, hopefully, a conclusion will help you sleep at night.

Help with Haunting

You Are Not Helpless

The point we are attempting to make is that the people who suffer haunting are not helpless. Although you might want help with a haunting, it is certainly possible for you to end the haunting by yourself.

The first step is to work on your beliefs and your mental strength to gain confidence. Learn to move beyond our fears and preconceived ideas about the dead. A ghost is a human being without a body. That's it - pretty good news, huh? There is life after death.

The second step is to realize that you can help other people, even a ghost. You just need some guidance. And it is highly probably that you might actually know the lost spirit. He or she could be a deceased relative, friend, or former acquaintance.

Help With a Haunting = Helping a Ghost

Do you need help with the haunting or does the ghost need help?

We would suggest that the ghost needs more help than you. But what should you do?

The ghost is providing you with information to work from - clues await your interpretation. You should work to piece together the various clues found within the experiences of the haunting, attempting to answer questions by viewing all the evidence as one complete story. Include others' experiences and impressions in your investigation, noting everything you know about the haunting.

Get Help With HauntingYou may also attempt to gather messages from the ghost, electronically, using methods for recording EVP (ghost voices). What does your intuition tell you? Do not ignore gut instincts but consider them in the equation, too.

If the haunting is active enough that you are aware of the ghost, then it is very likely that the spirit is capable of communicating with you and probably desires to do so. Your goal is to determine why the spirit has remained behind and see if you can provide help. If you can alleviate the ghost's concerns and reunite him or her with loved ones in the light, the disembodied person will move beyond this realm, the past and resume moving forward on the life-journey.

Still Need Help With a Haunting?

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