Most Haunted Buildings in Britain

Ghosts and Haunting Found in Great Britain

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Haunted Buildings of Britain and UKThanks to a gruesome history littered with tragedy and violence, the United Kingdom can confidently claim to possess some of the most haunted houses in the world.

Whether you're a wannabe ghost hunter looking for a checklist of where to find the creepiest ghosts and ghouls or you need to avoid these locations like the plague, our list of the 40 most haunted homes in the UK is sure to prove frighteningly useful. Think your home is creepy because you occasionally hear a creaking coming from upstairs? You've experienced nothing yet... 

50 Berkeley Square
Located in London, England, this building is often regarded as the most haunted house in the city. 50 Berkely Square is a townhouse located in the heart of Mayfair. It is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman who tragically died by suicide after being abused by her uncle who is said to still haunt the attic.

Ackergill Tower
Ackergill Tower in Wick, Scotland is reportedly haunted by a female ghost - that of Helen Gunn who jumped to her death from off of the high tower. Her spirit is still glimpsed, today, sporting a long, red ball gown. All dressed up, does she have some place to go?

Ancient Ram InnAncient Ram Inn
This haunted building can be found in Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire and is considered to be one of Britain's most haunted Bed and Breakfast. Terrified patrons have been so scared, we have heard, that some have jumped from windows to escape! Guests have also claimed to have been thrown out of chairs and sensing the icy touch of phantom hands while in bed - yipes!

Adrossan Castle
This haunted castle is located in Ardrossan, Scotland and is purportedly haunted by the legendary, Scottish ghost of William Wallace. Over time, the legend that he can be seen during stormy nights, scouring through its ruins, has survived.

Ballygall Castle
This stately haunt can be found in Ballygally, Northern Ireland. It is inhabited, or so lore goes, by two famous ghosts: Lady Isobel Shaw and Madame Nixon. It is the ghost of Ms. Nixon who supposedly can still be witnessed, wandering halls dressed in her silk dress and knocking on the doors of various rooms. Does she do it to be amused or is she looking for someone? Noone knows.

Beaumaris Castle
Quite eerie, the small chapel of Beaumaris Castle in Anglesey, Wales still has haunting echoes of chants that can be heard and even audio recorded. (We are told that such audio recordings, EVP, of disembodied chanters exist.)

Belgrave Hall
Leicester, Leicestershire's famous haunted building could be haunted by the daughter of its past owner. Belgrave Hall made the news as recently as 1999, when two ghost-like figures appears on security camera footage.

Haunted Bisham AbbeyBisham Abbey
Sitting in Maelow, Berkshire, Bisham Abbey is the site of a sad case of haunting, if true. Elizabeth Hoby, whose portrait hangs in the great hall, is claimed to remain there as a ghost. It is believed that she is repenting of her sin: causing the death of her boy by physical abuse. Sad.

Borley Rectory
Located in Sudbury, Essex, the buildings no longer exist but the legend remains. Borley Rectory was host to a spate of unexplained phenomena during the 1920s and 1930s and became famous when investigated extensively by famous ghost investigator, Harry Price. Phantom nuns, a ghost coach and horses, and poltergeist-type of activity (such as stones being thrown, glasses being broken) were all witnessed.

Bruce Castle
Ghost hunters flock to this London, England fortress every November 3rd to see if they can espy the ghost Lady of Coleraine. History tells us that she was kept behind lock and key within a chamber of the castle by her despiccable husband. Many still believe that she gets free, making her appearance but one time per year.

Chillingham Castle
Alnwick, Northumber's spooky haunt is aptly named as its story, indeed, is chilling. The moaning and whimpering of a sad 'Blue Boy' ghost can be heard while there visitors say, and his skeletal remains wrapped in blue garb were said to be found behind one of this castle's walls (near where his suffering is still heard).

Culcreuch CastleCulcreuch Castle
Built in 1296 in Fintry, Scotland, the Culcreuch Castle is professedly haunted by multiple ghosts. One of those sentient spirits is known to play the harp! Ah, there is music in the afterlife...

Dobbins Inn
Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland is home to what may be one of its oldest pubs: the Dobbins Inn. 'Maud' is the ghost's name who died by a sword-wielding hand after being unfaithful to her vengeful husband. She is a caring soul, though, as her spirit still cares for guests by caressing them with her hand while asleep.

Donnington Castle
Built in 1386 in Newbury, Berkshire, Donnington Castle has had many a ghost sighting. A white dog, the specter of a gatehouse guard, as well as the apparition of a soldier have all been sighted on the haunted grounds.

Elvey Farm
A medieval farm found in Pluckley, Kent is said to be notoriously haunted by a schoolmaster, highwayman, and a wanderer who weeps. The haunting of the village is so reknowned that the Guiness Book of Records has given it the title of 'Most Haunted Village in England'!

Glamis CastleGlamis Castle
Angus, Scotland is home to one of the country's most impressive castles that happens to be one if its most haunted, too. A deformed boy, who was cruelly monickered as the 'Monster of Glamis', was kept locked up inside, hidden, his entire life. He still cannot find rest because his spirit is said to haunt the building along with other choice ghosts.

Grenadier Pub
A favorite watering hole of soldiers in the Duke of Wellington's regiment, this London, England pub is avowedly haunted by a grenadier who was killed for cheating at a game. Might he still be looking for revenge?

Leith Hall
A country house found in Kennethmont, Scotland is believed to be haunted by Laird John Leith III. He was killed on Christmas Day in 1763. Writers who have investigated the reports of haunting, bravely spending the night, have claimed to see paranormal activities that were beyond their expectations.

Llancaiach Fawr
A gathering place for ghost enthusiasts from around the world, Llancaiach Fawr in Nelson, Wales is home to the ghost of a young lad named 'Mattie.' Mattie allegedly fell to his death from an upstairs room in the 19th century. Many believe his spirit still haunts the home.

Maes-y-Neuadd Talsarnau
A ghostly woman has been sighted many times in the Morfa Suite at this Gwynedd, Wales mansion. The female spirit is thought to be a former nursemaid of children who once lived at Maes-y-Neuadd Talsarmau. This ghost does not frighten guests but is said to have a wondrous, peaceful demeanor, calming visitors who are fortunate enough to meet her.

Marsden GrottoMarsden Grotto
The Marsden Grotto is a restaurant that is nestled in the side of a cliff in South Shields, Tyne & Wear. It can only be accessed by a lift or stairs. The building is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of John the Jibber (what a name!). John was a smuggler who was killed for selling information to HM Customs. He died by being hung in a barrel and starved.

Minsden Chapel
This Preston, Hertfordshire chapel is the site of a famous photograph that was taken there. It showed a ghost monk climbing stairs and was captured way back in 1907. A glowing cross has also been sighted there along with the sound of ringing bells being heard. Paranormal occurrences? Maybe.

Oakley Court
This gothic-style country home is found in Windsor, Berkshire and is situated beside the River Thames near Eton Dorney Lake. Its dark history of accidental drownings (plural) along with several suicidal victims could be the reason some believe it is haunted. Hooded figures have been claimed to been seen there, ever walking the grounds. Priests? Druids? Phantoms? Nobody knows...

Penrhyn Old Hall
An old lady haunts the Penrhyn Bay, Wales residence and has been seen sitting beside a large fireplace. Temperature drops and dizziness are said to have been experienced by ghost investigators and visitors. Because of this, Penrhyn Old Hall has garnered quite a bit of attention from ghost hunters and investigation teams.

Haunted Raynham Hall - UKRaynham Hall
The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall has been sighted and photographed at this Fakenham, Norfolk home and has become the stuff of ghost photo legend. Her brown dress is said to have been seen in halls and on the grand staircase by multiple witnesses during the history of the haunt.

Saint Leonard's Church
Bretforton, Worcestershire is home to castle-like Saint Leonard's Church. Phantom funeral processions have been reported several times, and some claim to have seen a headless ghost who is believed to be Ann Cornell. Her form is said to be haunting nearby fields!

Samlesbury Hall
Lady Dorothy supposedly haunts Samlesbury Hall in Preston, Lancashire. She is also known as the 'White Lady.' Dorothy is most often heard sobbing near the grave of her former lover.

Springhill House
The best documented ghost sighting in Northern Ireland, a female spectre seen more often than any other ghost in the area, can be found at Springhill House. Her name is Olivia Lenox-Conyngham - but why she remains here at the home is a real mystery. Her husband killed himself in the Blue Bedroom of this quaint home in Moneymore. Perhaps, Olivia still mourns his death.

Talbot Hotel
Oundle, Northamptonshire has a famous ghost said to haunt the Talbot Hotel: Mary Queen of Scots. Mary was executed at Fotheringhay Castle in 1587; and its staircase was later moved to the hotel. Could her ghost have really followed the stairs as tales suggest? If so, why? Odd.

Temple Newsam
Leeds, West Yorkshire is home to a haunt of note, that of the 'Blue Lady.' The Blue Lady is thought to be 'Mary Ingram' who sadly became mentally traumatized after an attack by robbers. She died from the assault at just 14 years of age, and many believe her ghost still wanders the site.

The George Hotel
A coaching in built in the 12th century in Pangbourne, Berkshire, The George Hotel has its own resident ghost. Many believe 'her' to be none other than Betty Price, a local witch, who hid herself in the inn. Eventually, she was found dead in the cellar and is believed to have placed a hex, or curse, on the site. Visitors beware!

The Golden Fleece
A pub that is considered by many to be the most haunted building in York, North Yorkshire, many a tall tale (and true accounts - including video evidence) has been shared about The Golden Fleece. People have heard disembodied voices within its rooms, chairs moving, and ghostly footfalls stepping through empty corridors. Boo.

The Haunted Hobgoblin InnThe Hobgoblin
Formerly The Hobgoblin, The Alehouse can be found in Reading, Berkshire. Many locals are aware of its famous poltergeist they call 'Bob.' The ghost is said to move objects, especially taking a liking to coats and money. (Watch your wallet!) Need a pint of ale? Bob just might pour it for you as the beer taps are said to be another favorite of his!

The Jamaica Inn
Launceston, Cornwall is home to Bodmin Moor where you can find The Jamaica Inn. Unexplainable noises, phantom footsteps in hallways, and a gentlemanly ghost who wears a tricorn hat can be experienced here. Some have seen this ghost walk through walls.

The Mermaid Inn
Built in 1156 in Rye, Sussex, The Mermaid Inn is claimed to have a 'ghost in every room' by some. Should you go there, try to make some time for the Kingsmill Suite. You might get spooked if its rocking chair begins rocking erratically. (We heard this is freaky to see.)

The Swan Hotel
A former female housekeeper has been sighted by guests, repeatedly, standing alone in Room 15 at night. Investigators believe she died at the Lavenham, Suffolk hotel by hanging herself there - in this very room where she lived. Now, that's room service!

The Viaduct Tavern
Built over top of the prison cells of an old, remand gaol, the Viaduct Tavern (or Holborn Pub) has some strange happenings. Located in London, England, the bar is haunted according to staff who have witnessed doors locking, lights turning off and on. In fact, a landlord is said to have had a cell door close on home while inside. He didn't get out until his wife came, later, to his rescue.

Tulloch Castle
Dingwall, Scotland has an active haunt known as Tulloch Castle Hotel. Room 8 is said to have its ghosts, including two girl spirits who might try to snuff out one's life by suffocation (as legend goes). A 'Green Lady' is said to make her presence known, as well.

Windsor Castle
Having a rich history of royalty, both living and in spirit form, Windsor Castle (Windsor, Berkshire) boasts of having the most famous ghosts of any haunted site: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and Elizabeth I. Go there, and you may catch a glimpse of a royal member of high society!

Ye Old Man & Scythe
This 750 year old pub in Bolton, Lancashire is reputedly haunted by a previous owner whose ghost has been recorded by security cameras. The bar's owner, suspecting a burglary, used CCTV to monitor the site and saw a mysterious floating, human form - thought to be the ghost of James Stanley.

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