Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Taken in 1936 during a photo shoot for Country Life magazine by Indra Shira, this famous, said-to-be real ghost picture of an apparition descending the stairs has been viewed round the world.

Indra claimed he could espy the white form taking shape and ordered his assistant to snap a picture of the staircase. His assistant, who did not see the white vapor, bet Shira that nothing would be in the picture - he lost five English pounds on the bet! (Could money have made the apparition appear?)

Observations About the Lady of Raynham Hall Photo

The home that this famous ghost picture was captured in is Raynham Hall in Norfolk. King George the IV of England and others had seen a ghost deemed the Brown Lady before this photo was taken, so the idea of the lady was born before the photograph. Interestingly, she has not been seen since this 1936 photo that we know.

The ghost is assumed to be that of Dorothy Walpole, the second wife of Charles 2nd Viscount Townshend.

We've received the following comments about the Brown Lady ghost picture. Is there more than one ghost in the photograph?

"My dad just analyzed the picture of the Brown lady ghost (famous 1936 ghost apparition descending stairs, appeared in photo) using a magnifying glass, and he noticed the lady is descending with two little kids. In fact, we can see that the one on her left (your right) is a little girl with a round hat, and she is looking at her right (your left). I can see it, too. Use a magnifying glass and you will notice it. Very interesting, huh?" - Miguel Martinez Jr.

"I have noticed that at the top of the stairs, there is a little boy sitting at the top - almost through the head of the spirit on the stairs. You can see his face clearly, as well as his legs brought up close to his chest - check it is so creepy. I also noticed the little girl on the right of the picture like they described (above). If you look at the little boy at the top of the stairs, their heads are the same size." - Shayne Burton